Computer Imaging Solutions Showdown

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Webinar Presented By

  • Spencer Dunford

    Spencer Dunford has over 12 years of experience solving complex business IT challenges. He grew SmartDeploy from an early idea to a trusted solution with over 1.1 million endpoints deployed.

  • Jonathan Hassell

    Runs 82 Ventures, a technical writing and consulting firm based in Charlotte, NC. He centers his focus around network administrator, security, the cloud, and mobile technologies.

Moderated By

  • Brad Sams

    Executive Editor at &

Webinar Description:

The modern IT shop is a rapidly evolving part of the enterprise where software is updating faster than anytime in history. With IT environments typically consisting of multiple types and brands of computers, a large number of remote users, and the daily servicing of broken machines, all while working with an entirely new way of servicing Windows, it has never been more important to review your process flows to maximize efficiency and reduce downtime.

During this evolution of the IT environment, some tools have modernized to help make on-boarding, hardware refreshes, and imaging easier while others have remained stagnant. In this webinar on, we will be diving into imaging solutions that look at the pros and cons of several products currently used today such as Acronis Snap Deploy, MDT, SmartDeploy, and Symantec Ghost.

While imaging isn’t always the most exciting part of the IT Pros life, it is possible with modern tools to significantly reduce the amount of time spent on these tasks; it’s important to find the right solution for your needs. Join us on October 3rd at 2PM ET to learn more about the solutions available today that can help you overcome the obstacles of tomorrow.

In this webinar you will learn...
  • About the current solutions for imaging software
  • How to properly evaluate imaging solutions for your needs
  • The value and time saving attributes of imaging software, and
  • How imaging software can reduce Windows 10 deployment complexity.