Microsoft’s Original HoloLens Will No Longer Receive Major Windows 10 Updates

Posted on July 30, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft HoloLens, Windows 10 with 17 Comments

Microsoft’s first-gen HoloLens device has been out for years. It was originally announced back in 2015, and it’s been out for a few years now. With Microsoft already working to get the HoloLens 2 out, it’s getting ready to slowly phase out the original HoloLens.

The company recently announced (via Windows Central) it’s no longer going to offer any further major OS updates for the first-gen HoloLens. The device is now in Long Term Servicing (LTS), which means all the future update it receives will entirely focus on minor fixes and security patches. Any future major Windows 10 updates, like the May 2019 update, or the upcoming 20H1 update, will not make it to the device.

HoloLens (1st gen) is entering Long Term Servicing (LTS) state. Future updates will focus on issue and security fixes, while maintaining feature parity with the Windows 10 October 2018 release for HoloLens (also known as RS5).

And that’s probably not a big deal for most people that own a HoloLens. Keep in mind, even though Microsoft had a fairly consumer-faced approach with the original HoloLens, it slowly moved away from consumers to the enterprise. Enterprise customers aren’t a fan of major updates and changes, so this won’t affect the majority of the HoloLens owners. And it also gives Microsoft the opportunity to focus on the software for the second-gen HoloLens.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Microsoft’s Original HoloLens Will No Longer Receive Major Windows 10 Updates”

  1. k2rusty

    Ouch, 4 year old $3000 device and its trash.

  2. MikeGalos

    Three years to Long Term Servicing and followed by likely a few more years of security fixes. Odds are HoloLens 3 will be out by then. Seems about the norm for state of the art hardware.

    That's about the lifecycle of PCs themselves for their first twenty years and a lot longer lifespan than most of the vendors themselves in the introduction phase of a new tech.

  3. rm

    HoloLens2 is getting better support than any Android phone that is for sure!

  4. karlinhigh

    Agreed, having something work the same way tomorrow that it does today is probably more important for enterprises than the feature updates would be.

  5. jimchamplin

    This isn’t like an iPhone or Macintosh where the end of OS updates means that 1) Security updates end a year later 2) Apple will update or introduce APIs next year that all apps will jump to require, also “requiring” you have the newest version to log into their sodding service because you really need to log into a calculator.

    As far as I know, UWP software written now can still run on previous Windows versions. Since Hololens runs UWP only, that matters

    additionally, the kind of specialized software that these customers will use aren’t like Instagram where you “need” weekly updates.

  6. StevenLayton

    I don't think Microsoft is 'throwing anyone under the bus' as some have suggested. As Mehedi says, most Enterprises will be happy with the stability of just security updates for them. Youve got to assume that whatever value and functionality they're getting from them will continue, without feature updates.

  7. harmjr

    I don't own one never used one but that's not cool.

  8. Tony Barrett

    MS throwing a whole bunch of customers who've paid an awful lot for these devices under a bus again then. I'm sure MS fully expect those customers to pony up another few thousand for a HoloLens2 in due course!

    • dontbeevil

      In reply to ghostrider:

      this device is from 2015 and got 4 yars of major updates + several years of security updates, all the apps will keep running, it will always possible to develop what are you talking about? do you want to talk about how google glasses completely disappeared?

  9. PanamaVet

    It would be interesting to hear what HoloLens enterprise customers have to say about their relationship with Microsoft.

  10. Jeffsters

    Next time Apple says they are no longer supporting a phone 5 years or more old, and the likes of Mikey chime in, I’m going to just post the URL to this article.

    Carry on!