Smaller Xbox One Leaks Ahead Of E3

Posted on June 12, 2016 by Brad Sams in Xbox, Xbox One with 0 Comments

xbox mini

Tomorrow, Microsoft will be holding its E3 press conference and just like what has happened in the past, the new material is starting to leak out prior to the event. The new console and new controller, which I previously scooped about five weeks ago, have shown up online.

The image you see above, posted first on Neogaf, is the new mini console that Microsoft will be calling the Xbox One S. It will feature a 2TB hard drive, 4k video support, a streamlined controller and can be positioned in vertical orientation; exactly as I specified a few weeks back in my podcast.


The device, which does still feature an optical drive, will be 40% smaller than the existing console and also comes in white.

Seeing as the web assets have been uncovered, it looks like Microsoft will be opening up pre-orders for the device possibly tomorrow after the device is announced.

With the console being uncovered, don’t be surprised if other items relating to the Microsoft announcements for tomorrow leak out too. As always, we will keep you posted about the important announcements surrounding this event.

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