The Essentials: Subscribing To First Ring Daily

Posted on December 15, 2016 by Brad Sams in Mobile with 48 Comments


Every day of the week, Paul and I host a podcast called First Ring Daily. If you are a premium member, you have access to the video/audio all days of the week and everyone can access the podcast on Friday (both video and audio).

Because I get several emails a week asking how Premium members can subscribe to the RSS feed of the podcast, it’s time to write a post. So, outlined below are the steps needed to subscribe and the links you will need.

Premium Audio (All Days):

The first thing you will need to determine is if your podcast app supports authentication. If it does, the RSS feed that you need is here, add that URL to your RSS reader and it (provided your app supports it) will prompt you to enter your login and password (this is the same as your credentials).

If your podcast app does not support authentication, you can try a second method that has had good results for our listeners. Enter the URL as follows: https://Username:[email protected]/feed/first-ring-daily

In the event that your app prompts you and your credentials are rejected, please double check you entered them correctly and if that does not solve the issue, please create a thread in the forum and we can assist you there.

Non-Premium Audio (Friday Only):

We know that everyone will not become a premium subscriber, if you are interested – this link will save 25% – valid until the end of the year, but still want access to the podcasts on Friday; simply add this URL to your podcast reader.

Video RSS:

We have received several requests for a video only RSS feed; we are currently have this option in our pipeline and I’ll update this post when that feature becomes available.

If you have any other questions about the podcast, premium or anything else that we do, happy to address them in the comments.

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Comments (48)

48 responses to “The Essentials: Subscribing To First Ring Daily”

  1. 289

    When are forum notifications coming? If conversation is to flourish we need to know when people reply to our posts/replies.

  2. 1816

     If you use the second method (Username:Password), make sure you don't have any special characters in the password. Mine had an @ character and it wouldn't work. I changed my password to use only letters and digits and it works fine in PocketCasts.

    • 1820

      In reply to DaddyBrownJr:

      I had some special characters (not the @ sign, though) and it worked OK. It seems like the @ sign is the delimiter between the user name/password and the actual feed URL, so definitely stay away from the @ sign. I used a # and ^ with no issue.

      But definitely good advice.

      Oh, and I'm using PocketCasts as well.

    • 49

      In reply to DaddyBrownJr:

      Excellent tip, thanks!

      • dnm

        In reply to Brad Sams:

        I have special characters in my password and use URL encoding to pass it along. In short it means you would have to change the special character to %number, the number depending on the character. For example see

        As this is quite technical the easiest option as suggested is to not use special characters.

  3. 1561

    I've been able to add the daily RSS feed to Microsoft's Podcast app for Windows 10 Mobile, but it doesn't save the username and password. So I'm forced to enter that every single time I launch the app. Given that a lot of Microsoft folks read this blog, perhaps one of them could pass along the information to whomever keeps that app updated and ask them to add the ability to cache user credentials.

    I've also upvoted several related threads on the feedback site.

  4. 8680

     I tried all the suggestions and none of them work. I'm tried using it with both Overcast and Pocket casts on my iPhone and it wont work. Any suggestions?

  5. iPetr

    Cannot get this working with Pocket Casts :(

    edit: tried in Apple podcasts and it does not work either

  6. 9722

      Is there a page that shows "All" of the First Ring Daily Episodes? There is an Episodes page but it only goes from 71-64 then stops. I have done a search on the string "First Ring Daily Ep" and I get 1,2,21, etc. Where are 3-20? Do they even exist?

  7. 3591

    Any update on the video RSS?

  8. 10301

    Why is the audio so horrible today?

  9. AnthonyB

    Will subscribe once there is a video RSS!

  10. dnm

    Also interested in the Video RSS. I mostly listen to podcasts on the go, audio-only has had some instances where it would have been nice to pull out the phone and watch the video to understand what is going on.

  11. rr20552


    Having recently subscribed I seem unable to add the RSS feed.

    I have tried the the username and password URL and have also removed any special characters from my password.

    I have tried IOS podcast and Overcast.

    Any ideas?

  12. compmunkey

    I am unable to subscribe. When I try to get the rss address it prompts me to log in over and over which I have now done on two different browsers on a computer as well as my phone. I also tried to manually add the url given above with my username and password and it says authentication fails. I have done it numerous times and even logged out and back in of to make sure I had my user name and password correct.

  13. smokinbenrage

    Just signed up to listen to the podcast while I am working and my login credentials are not working with the RSS feed. What do I need to do?

  14. MityK

    Not download new episodes in Pocket Casts. Last episode in rss feed dated August 9

  15. Jeffrey S Piatt

    The subscribers feed is coming up as a 404 error

  16. Orangeguy

    So is there any iOS users finding success with the feed? I am using the https://myusername:[email protected]/feed/first-ring-daily link and have changed my password to remove special characters. Are there others currently working?

    EDIT: After speaking with Brad on Twitter he changed something that affected only a few users that signed up at a unique time it is now working with the iOS app Overcast. Pocketcast is still saying to check my internet connection.

  17. MityK

    Can't get to RSS feed. Looks like my user name MityK and password don't work anymore. Please help.

  18. Orangeguy

    On the Pay link If you try and use your UN:PW combination you will always get denied and it will ask you to log in again. It doesn't work from Chrome so I suspect that is why it also doesn't work from Pocketcast, Overcast, Castro or Apple's Podcast app. I have tried them all for last 2 weeks. I thought it was working once and it may have kinda after Brad did something, then after getting the free Friday podcast that was the last podcast I saw. I guess we all just need to vote with our Premium Account subscriptions. I have emailed support again, if I don't have access prior to the 15th I will assume I need to cancel the subscription that is coming out on the 25th. I like the material here or I would have long since bailed, I hope someone is looking here in the forums as well.

    https://Orangeguy:[email protected]/feed/first-ring-daily

    Is what I have been trying with no success, the PW is obviously not my password, but I have modified it remove all special characters. It is over 8 characters long, mixed case, alpha numeric but surely that would work.

    • Orangeguy

      In reply to Orangeguy:

      If your trying took use the link from their menu to send a message to [email protected] use your own mail client. I sent two earlier with no response, I finally sent one from my mail app and at least received an automated we got your email response. So possibly they aren't getting the barrage of the RSS feed isn't working emails if like me you used their form.

  19. MityK

    This happen again. Notice that last available episode in Pocket Cats from 9/8/2017. This is the last episode before my new monthly billing cycle (9/9/2017). Can't get to RSS feed. Looks like my user name MityK and password don't work anymore for The First Ring Daily. 

    Please help!!

  20. jboman32768

    I'm getting an authentication failure on even though my membership status is good. Anyone else getting this?

  21. peterh_oz

    Hopefully the changes to FRD will allow/prompt you to finally provide a video RSS. Cheers

  22. jhuylebroeck

    I think the rss feed is down. ?

  23. 165

    Anyone get this working with Grover or Grover Pro?

  24. 9447

     I am trying to add the RSS feed to my podcast app (Pocket Cast on iOs). I type the URL (for a nonauthenticating app) and Pocket Cast only shows that there were no podcasts found (I'm using the discover function in Pocket Casts to enter the URL). Any idea what I might be doing wrong?

  25. 5984

    I have tried both RSS methods on Overcast and Pocket Casts (both iOS and web player) and the authentication won't work. Both apps state "Podcast not found". Any ideas?

  26. 796

    Joy - I just put in my BWW ticket on this yesterday! Feed URL now working

  27. 2525

    Worked a treat in podcast addict on android. 

    For those needing the url method for authentication, because it's a URL you need to escape special characters. Easy way is to open Bing, search for url encode and you should get an encode textbox inline in your search results. Put your password in there and use the modified output as your password within the rss url. 

    Note: I haven't tried this but the @ being a separator is no different from needing to escape other special chars in a URL, eg the '?', if they need to actually come through as what they are instead of being treated as a separator/delimiter.

  28. 901

    Gotta admit. Getting a little fatigued listening to you guys on so many redundant podcasts every week. I might just subscribe to the free weekly one so I don't get burnt out on listening... :P

  29. 180

    Brad, this had been working fine for me, until about a week and a half ago when I stopped getting downloads in Pocket Casts. I'd been able to test and see the XML by putting the RSS feed address into Chrome and authenticating, but now it doesn't accept my credentials. Is there anyone I can have look at this? If it was just my podcatcher I'd shrug and try something else, but as I can't access the feed in a browser either...

  30. 2428

    The second method does not work on Windows 10 Mobile. The Podcast app simply crashes. The app also does not remember passwords. Maybe if you can reach out to the intern that supports this app it would be great. In the mean time, any decent Podcast apps worth using, free or otherwise? 

  31. 367

    I follow/listen to all podcasts from Paul and I am a Day One subscriber, but...none of this works for me. I use Casts on iPhone 6s. Sorry,...unless I can listen everyday while I work...I won't renew.

  32. 1413

    This works a treat in IOS - keeping up to date with all the podcasts is now my problem :)

  33. 2050

    Good article, I will have to try some of these methods.

  34. 4969

    couldn't use the rss link in W10 mobile, kept asking me to save and wouldn't open the download. So im using the Podcast (beta) app by David Catuhe (sorry no way to share links from windows store on phone) this gives you option of adding feed manually (click globe next to search bar) WITH login details. I entered and my user details and bingo. Subscribed.