What I Use

More Mobile setup in Mexico City

More Mobile: Mexico City Changes (Premium)

My wife and I both use More Mobile setups here in Mexico City that consist…

Dashlane browser extension

What I Use: Dashlane (Premium)

In January, I expressed my frustration with the sad state of the passwordless experiences in…

How to properly use your Microsoft account

Tip: Use Your Microsoft Account Properly

Fans of the Microsoft ecosystem will typically stick to the software giant's platforms, apps, and…

Typora and Grammarly for Windows

Following My Own Advice: Writing Tools (Premium)

I have used Microsoft Word for decades for all the obvious reasons, but I have…

My subscribed podcasts in Pocket Casts

My Favorite Podcasts of 2023 (Premium)

I listen to several podcasts regularly, some of which I never miss and episode and…

Favorite new apps of 2023

My Favorite New Apps of 2023 (Premium)

I went into this article knowing full well that 2023 was a year of change…

Music night

Improvisation: A Troubleshooting Story (Premium)

Last Friday, I flew home from Seattle and spent a single night in our old…

Backing up photos to Google Photos

Digital Decluttering: Online Accounts, Again (Premium)

Back in September, I stepped back from my grand plans to declutter my online accounts.…

Less Slack

Cut Me Some Slack, Slack (Premium)

I've long intended to write an article about money in the Behind Thurrott.com series, and…


What I Use: Mexico City (October 2023) (Premium)

Our third and final trip to Mexico City this year unfolded much like our previous…

Google Drive in Windows 11

One Month of Google Drive Made Me a Convert (Premium)

Bad news, Microsoft: I just spent the past month using Google Drive in Windows for…

OneDrive Folder Backup in Windows 11 23H2

Sadly, Now We Need to Talk About OneDrive (Premium)

Enshittification is that sense of betrayal you get when a personal technology product or service…

organized tools

Digital Decluttering: Mistakes Made, Lessons Learned (Premium)

Flush with my decluttering success, I ended up trying to do too much at once…


Digital Decluttering: Home Videos (Premium)

I take far more personal photos than videos, but we also have a collection of…

The final pile of paper clutter

Digital Declutter: Finish Work, Final Scans, and a Peek at the Future (Premium)

As you may recall, I wrote last week that I had essentially finished organizing and…

Paul's wall, 1985

Digital Decluttering: For the Love of NAS (Premium)

As part of a grueling summer in concrete construction the summer after I graduated from…

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