A third space

From the Editor’s Desk: Third Space (Premium)

You've perhaps heard of the importance of the so-called third space, that place that is…

A small car parked by itself in a giant empty parking lot with a few light poles

From the Editor’s Desk: Complimentary (Premium)

As I write this, we're between the third and fourth of four back-to-back trips, the…

Windows 11 24H2 wallpaper

Live Blog: Microsoft AI Vision Across Hardware and Software

I will be live-blogging the Microsoft special event today at!

Seattle waterfront

See You at Microsoft Build 2024 in Seattle!

I'm flying to Seattle on Sunday to attend Microsoft Build 2024, preview new Snapdragon-based laptops,…

Boy flying above the neighborhood

From the Editor’s Desk: Mother (Premium)

Yesterday was Mother's Day, my annual reminder that most people have a much healthier relationship…

The overly-ripe banana

From the Editor’s Desk: Right? (Premium)

I swung by Costco this morning on the way to the gym to pick up…

Behind Images in Forum Posts

This is a small thing in some ways, but important, and a weird oversight that…

Angry robots surround a man

From the Editor’s Desk: Not So Social (Premium)

I've noted before that the more you get to know most people, the more they…

Bridge over the River Copilot

From the Editor’s Desk: Puente (Premium)

Every Sunday, I have the same pointless conversation with my wife Stephanie about my need…

Old-time radio

Behind Podcast Problems

We’ve finally fixed the issues with the First Ring Daily feed. Here’s a quick look…

THINK sign over a doorway in an office

From the Editor’s Desk: Think (Premium)

Everyone remembers Apple's iconic "Think different" ad campaign, and many probably know that this phrase…

Dishwashing soap

From the Editor’s Desk: Problems, Fixes, and Workarounds (Premium)

My wife makes dinner most nights, which works out nicely because she’s a terrific cook,…

AI newsreaders

From the Editor’s Desk: AI the News That’s Fit to Feed (Premium)

While the self-reported news of Artifact’s death was, in the end, an exaggeration, it was…

You've got mail! From - Image credit: Anne-Onyme from Pixabay

Behind Newsletters

Our newsletter partners at The Intelligence are having a sale on Intelligence Insider, and we…

Ancient Bank of New England computer for tellers

From the Editor’s Desk: Doubt (Premium)

I’m not sure where the self-doubt comes from or, in my case, when it started,…

Reforma skyline, Mexico City

From the Editor’s Desk: Fear (Premium)

We had an interesting conversation with a couple we met in Mexico City who were…

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