Q & A for Mary Jo Foley (Premium)


Good morning. First Ring Daily viewers know that we normally do a “We Help Wednesday” episode on Wednesdays, but today is another special episode, this time featuring Mary Jo Foley. As you may recall, we recently welcomed Mary Jo to the BWW Media Group family, so if you have any questions about this—or anything else you’d like to ask Mary Jo, this is the place to ask.

(Note that this episode of First Ring Daily is for Premium subscribers only.)

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4 responses to “Q & A for Mary Jo Foley (Premium)”

  1. inlocoabsentia

    Will MSFT take any marketing shots or offer deals for switchers after the AWS outage yesterday?

    Call me "ila."

  2. Nic

    How much enterprise content can we expect Mary Jo to deliver to Petri, and what sort of content will she be looking for to add to the site.

    There's lots of PS and O365 right now, but the enterprise is so much more vast than that.

  3. Polycrastinator

    I see the last post Mary Jo made at All About Microsoft was late last night. Is she continuing to work on that blog/column, or will the involvement with BWW end her time at ZDNet?

    Also, what's her favorite bar outside of NYC?

  4. harmjr

    Will she be writing for the site?

    When is the Microsoft Hardware release event Redstone 2 countdown and what are your predictions we will see?

    Mary Jo's Favorite Android app by Microsoft and one that is not by them.