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Mr. Thurrott’s Win 10 Field Guide discusses “Find My Device” in Settings/Update & security. There’s even a screenshot. But I checked my Surface Book, and it’s gone! So I looked in my MS account, and my phones have “find my phone,” but my laptops have squat.

Win 10 wants to know the “location” of my Surface Book, but Maps only shows my “default location,” not my actual location. I’m a little surprised. Should I have bought a premium laptop and not settled for a Surface Book? My phone has a cellular connection, but so does my Surface Book (I have metered Internet). Certainly, I would’ve thought if they can find my phone they can find my connected laptop.

Is it just me?

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    Without GPS, pretty much all it can do is rely on known locations of WiFi networks.

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      In reply to jimchamplin:

      Thanks. So, the phones have GPS, but the laptops don't. The laptops cost a lot more than the phones. Laptops, by their nature, are meant to be portable. I guess no one no one really uses a laptop for GPS directions, but Find My Device would be nice on the laptop.

      I'm sure this will change with Surface Phone. On ARM.

  2. 661

    how does your surface book have cellular connectivity? I didn't know there was a Surface Book with cellular connectivity - thought it was just the Surface 3.



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