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I posted a comment this afternoon, then got a pop-up that there was a duplicate comment detected. I did not post or submit twice, I just posted once and left the browser tab open afterwards.

Since then, I’ve posted two additional comments, and when I submit them I see them, but when I leave the article and come back, they’re gone.


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    Which posts are they on? You're account likely got a temp stop put on it to reduce spam bots and hid the comment automatically; i can go in and approve them if you let me know the thread.

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      In reply to brad-sams:

      I honestly don't remember, but it happened again today. Very frustrating since I paid for Premium and I'm not allowed to post any comments. The thread today was on this article: https://www.thurrott.com/xbox/83786/nintendo-unveils-mobile-first-vision-future-video-games

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    You should email [email protected]

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    You think this new comment system is bad. You haven't been to Yahoo. 

    Their new comment system is 1000% worse then this.