Trying to enter contest


Tried earlier today….and it said that it posted. But I don’t see it. Tried to do it again and it said it was a duplicate post.

I’m not that worried about it. I am the unluckiest person ever anyhow. But it doesn’t seem to be working right. Just FYI.


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  1. harmjr

    Your not alone I had the same issue. I just sent Paul something on the contact us.

    I think it may be traffic.

  2. Jhambi

    Same here. I'll try again tomorrow.

  3. MCimino

    I have the same issue. I clearly posted around 2pm and the post is now gone.

  4. mediamad

    I also experienced this exact same thing in the hardware contest.

  5. robarber544

    Surface Go

    Surface Headphones

    Ugly Windows sweater (Extra-Large)

  6. 2ndsteel

    I tried earlier today and could not post.

  7. carlvincent

    I've got to join the MeToo crowd here. I made a second post this morning by changing what I wanted to win. It too has disappeared.

  8. Orin

    Same issue here. I just contacted support. I tried once last night, once this morning. Both times in Chrome. Both comments don't exist.

    Now I've tried with Internet Explorer and I get this message:

    "Duplicate comment detected; it looks as though you’ve already said that!"

    However, there's no visible comment.

  9. Brad Sams

    These are getting caught up in spam...likely from the massive influx of the same comments over and over again.

    Posting them now...and will do so right after the contest ends as well.

  10. nashtek

    Yes, my comment too seems to have vanished.

    Just one more data point for Paul. Giveaways and contests are terrible to administer, no one appreciates the work involved, and someone will always be unhappy with the results. Wait a minute.... that sounds like just another day in IT. Thanks to Paul, Brad and the rest for being willing to deal with the headache.

  11. accessjunky

    Another disappearing post to add for one from about half an hour ago. I thought it might be because I'm in the UK - but I have a friendly father-in-law in the US whose address I will use :-) in the unlikely event that I should be fortunate enough to win.

    Either way, thanks to Paul for his time and effort in making this happen.

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