Two Holiday Premium Coupon Questions


1) Must I register a new account for the Premium Membership? I attempted to enter my credentials in the signup form and it told me the account already existed.


2) Is the page for the offer down? After seeing it the first time, I can’t get back to it.

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    I dont believe you need to register, pinging a dev now.

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      In reply to Brad Sams:

      Awesome, thanks! I'm about to give it another shot.

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      In reply to Brad Sams:

      Okay, here's the details of what's happening:

      I click the link from the email offer that went out and it brings me to the signup page for Premium, with the Holiday Offer graphic and the discounted rates shown. There's a signup form on the right. I fill it out and it fails, dumping me back at the form with

      Error: An account is already registered with your email address. Please login.

      When I log in, the same page with the Holiday Offer graphic and discounted rates, which previously showed the signup form, the form is missing. The regular "Upgrade to Premium" link takes me to the functioning form, but with the regular rates.