Can’t get RSS feed to work in Podcast Apps


I am having trouble with the link method in both Overcast and Pocket Cast. I copy the link and then replace the User Name / Password. Pocket Cast gives me an error message. Overcast crashes.

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  1. goldsworp

    Try resetting your password and exclude special characters.  Try something that is just alphanumeric.  That worked for me.

  2. Kobica

    Thanks for the advice. I changed the password to an alphanumeric one and it still doesn't work.

  3. fuzzsdad

    I am having the same problem. Feed no longer works after April 28th. Worked for months just fine. Feed is broken. Can not connect at all.

  4. Brad Sams

    Will look into this, i dont think anything has changed on our end.

  5. rob4jen

    Same problem here except my latest available show is 01-MAY.

  6. IanYates82

    Something has definitely changed in the last few days server side :(

    Here's the output from my podcast app.

    (edit - stupid image insertion)

    (edit again - ok... Just visit )

  7. daveevad

    Having the same issue with Grover Pro on Win10 Mobile. I noticed it after 5/1. I Unsubscribed but cannot re-subscribe. Grover supports feeds that require user auth. I double checked the UN & PW but it still fails to subscribe. Going through withdrawal here...

  8. BrandonK

    So for me on May 6th this is fixed. Episode 144 never showed up in the feed, but whatever, I'll watch it online. Thank you to whoever fixed this.

  9. jonnyvice

    Ah dang, I subscribed mainly for the daily podcast. It seems busted. I go to the rss feed with a browser and it doesn't accept my credentials. It's almost as if there's a web server that's hosting the http auth, but whatever data source it's using isn't recognizing my account. I changed my password to alpha numeric characters only and it won't work with that either. Using Grover Pro on a Windows 10 PC.

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