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I find the navigation support for this site to fall short of being convenient. A main annoyance is while reading comments to articles. As a Premium Member, I scroll down reading each comment in the premium tab and to continue reading those in the non-premium tab, I have to scroll to the beginning of the comments section to do so. Can that navigation choice be added to the end of any comment thread – click to jump to the top of the other section? It would help.

Also for ThurrottNow when I click the comment link, I expect to be brought to the comment section of that posting – but it opens the posting, requiring me to scroll down and open the comments — why the hassle?

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  1. Oasis

    I wish there was an option to reverse the order of the comments, ie: oldest first. I agree about the Thurrott Now thing why even have that first place to click on for comments when it does nothing. Time will tell....

  2. Rcandelori

    The other thing with ThurrottNow is that it always opens on 17 February 2017 for me rather than the current date. It's also not timezone aware.