janky in Safari on iPhone iOS 12.4


Title. Not sure why, but over the last few weeks this site has been janky and laggy on my iPhone. Don’t have the issue anywhere else, just Anyone else on an iPhone having the same issue?

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  1. jimchamplin

    In iOS 13 beta, there’s a scrolling issue where it “sticks” on the top of the page. Again, only here.

  2. jlv632a

    Nope. Same issue over the past month on my HP Elite X3... Thought it was just me

  3. markiehill

    Yes I have the same problem, sometimes it sticks on the top and the bottom and refuses to scroll , IOS 13 Beta 5 and also 12.4

  4. yoshi

    Page sticking here as well, but on Android. So I don't think it's just isolated to iOS.