Were notifications broken?


Over the past few days I noticed I hadn’t received any notifications. Then I suddenly had a couple pop up. It indicated they were just 18 minutes old, but seem to refer to more than week old comments. I’m assuming they were broken but now are fixed? Or is it just me….?

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  1. Brad Sams

    There was a bug...that should now be fixed; so yes, you were correct.

  2. Chris_Kez

    And just like that they've stopped working again for me. They were working yesterday, and now this morning I see replies to my comments are not creating notifications. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  3. Simard57

    the notification icon just below my account name (the bell) shows no notifications.

    when I open the forums, I see many notifications listed.

    are forum postings linked to the notifications? Seem broken to me (again).

  4. Simard57

    I have been posting in forums and articles and people have replied.

    should I expect to see the notifications automatically in the notification icon or do I have to turn on for each posting or article?