Xbox Elite Giveaway


I apparently won one of the Xbox Elite controllers (I think) August 19: FaustXD9, but have not received any emails about it that I can tell. Is this something that is still coming up or should I already have gotten then notification? 

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    You should have received an email by now, please send a message to [email protected] and we will get this sorted asap. 

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    Thanks Brad! Love what you guys are doing, a little apprehenive at first but so far everyhting is looking good.

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    While happy that I'm a winner of a controller, I'm a bit sadend that the controllers can not be shipped internationally, especially after you guys hammer on microsoft for forgetting the rest of the world a lot of the times. I'm really surpised that winning an item via one of the podcasts (what is a very nice gesture by the way) can be shipped to downunder, a controller can not be shipped to Europe ...  (although to be fair an alternative was offered).

    Just my 2 euro cents :-)