Skype Desktop keeps closing


For the love of Skype!

Does anyone know how I can stop Skype desktop from mysteriously closing all by itself?  If I walk away from my desk for a few minutes I come back to discover Skype has closed, ugh.


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    If the Skype UWP is opening, that will force the desktop app to close.

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      In reply to brad-sams:

      The problem is with Skyp UWP, which I like but is missing a key feature for me - the ability to paste an image from clipboard.  Until they add that I am stuck on the desktop version.  Unintalling Skyp UWP does the trick for anyone else having the issue.

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    I'm also having the same problem and have heard from others that the same is happening to them.

    I've now switched to the Skype Preview app as I couldn't put up with Skype closing.

    I have a feeling the Skype Preview app is also having the same problem, but that may be just me closing it by mistake.