Windows settings no longer sync across devices


Thought I’d post this here in case anybody else is in the same boat (or has run into this and solved it). My settings no longer sync across my devices.

Things such as Edge favourites, desktop backgrounds, Edge Reading List and other settings no longer get synced between my PCs (A desktop PC and a Surface Pro 4) or my phone. App settings (such as cloud sync on a Podcast app I use which uses app sync) also no longer roam.

I’ve tried a few things:

I’ve tried changing my Windows user accounts to local accounts and then back to Microsoft Account accounts.

I’ve tried turning sync off, and restarting, and turning sync back on.

I’ve even tried the old OneDrive Windows 8 “clear synced settings” website which is still online, with various restarts (turn sync off on all machines, restart them, visit the OneDrive clear sync settings site, turn sync back on, etc.).

And finally, I even tried reinstalling Windows on the Surface Pro 4, just in case.

So I’m guessing it is an issue with my Microsoft Account itself but I dread the idea of trying to phone Microsoft to get support on this (I had an issue last year where the same PC was listed several times in my Groove account so I couldn’t add new devices and I spent hours on the phone and got nowhere).

So thought I’d try posting here first :).

Incidentally, the date this stopped working seems to fall in line with the Anniversary update being delivered to my machines.


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