Harman Kardon Invoke Makes a Brief Appearance in the Microsoft Store

Posted on October 5, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Smart Home with 17 Comments

Harman Kardon Invoke Makes a Brief Appearance in the Microsoft Store

Harmon Kardon’s Cortana-based Invoke smart speaker briefly appeared on the Microsoft Store website today before it was unceremoniously yanked offline.

No worries, I have it open in a tab still.

According to the Store listing, the Harmon Kardon Invoke will come in two color choices, Graphite and Pearl Silver, and it will cost $199.95. Availability is listed as October 22, but then both models are—sorry, were—already listed as “Out of Stock.”

“Introducing Invoke,” the Store listing notes. “The intelligent speaker from Harman Kardon with Cortana by Microsoft. Now Microsoft’s personal digital assistant joins you in your home—enhancing your favorite moments so you can focus on what’s important.”

Here’s the rest of the description.

Beautiful 360° sound. Voice-control your favorite music and experience premium, full 360O sound at your command. Listen to your favorite playlists, turn the volume up or down, stop and start tracks—all with the sound of your voice.

Get things done with Cortana. Built-in Cortana intelligence keeps you focused and informed throughout your day. Get answers to questions, check the latest news and weather, create reminders and lists, manage your schedule, and more.

Cortana works across your devices. Cortana is always with you whenever you need her—on your Windows 10 PC, mobile phone, and speaker. She’s got your back, whether at home, work, or anywhere in between.

Make and receive hands-free calls. Stay connected with Skype calling to mobile phones, landlines, and any Skype-enabled device. Now everyone you care about is just a “Hey, Cortana” away. [Note that every Invoke purchase includes six months free Skype calling to mobile phones and landlines in the US. –Paul]

Control your smart home devices. Your smart home can now respond to the sound of your voice. With a simple command, Cortana can dim the lights, adjust the thermostat, and more.

Humorously, the Harmon Kardon Invoke has achieved a 5.0 rating thanks to a single “review,” by this buffoon.

Hopefully, not OUR Brad. But I’m not saying it isn’t.

I will be reviewing the Harmon Kardon Invoke for real as soon as I can get my hands on one, and will compare it to the Google Home and Amazon Echo. More soon.

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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Harman Kardon Invoke Makes a Brief Appearance in the Microsoft Store”

  1. ozaz

    No interest in yesterday's Sonos news?

  2. m_p_w_84

    hopefully that price is wrong otherwise it’s DOA

  3. peten1020

    “The world needs the third intelligent speaker / digital assistant platform. We have done an incredible job, considering there's absolutely nothing to work with. And by the way, nobody knew this consumer devices business could be so complicated. "

    Keynote Speaker @ Future Decoded event in London, October 2017

  4. melinau

    Too little, too late, too expensive.

    Had this appeared a while ago I might (despite the terrible looks ) have tried it, but now, no chance. That's not to say that Google's Home is anything very special, but Alexa is so much smoother than either....

  5. Tony Barrett

    DBA. That's dead before arrival.

  6. Ronan Culhane

    Somewhat connected, Paul - you mentioned on the latest What the Tech podcast that at home you use powered bookshelf speakers plus Chromecasts and that you find this setup the equal of Sonos. Which speakers do you use? In the podcast you mentioned you might have an article coming up about it, I think, but I couldn't quite catch that bit.

  7. maethorechannen

    I wouldn't be surprised if this will come with an app 'available for all platforms' (ie iOS and Android) that will let you switch between Cortana and Alexa.

  8. haizelmaeem

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  9. yaddamaster

    Two years ago I would have bought this on an impulse buy. I want Microsoft to succeed but I just cannot pull the trigger on any consumer device from Microsoft.

    Maybe if I see a few more manufacturers jumping on board and a decent advertising campaign. Maybe.

    And it's overpriced by at least $50.

  10. ken_loewen

    I can put it on the shelf above my Windows Home Server beside the Zune dock (where my Windows Phone charger is plugged in). Yes, projected longevity is a feature.

  11. Boo

    me "Hey Cortana what's my daily commute traffic like and send directions for quickest route to my phone"......

    Cortana "sorry I can only play music "

    me "Oh okay play todays music from Groove"

    Cortana "Okay as a reminder I'll only be able to play music from Groove until December 31st"

    me "Oh okay can you tell me the weather"

    Cortana "Yes it's sunny"

    me "Yep it looks sunny....for some"

  12. ChristopherCollins

    I don't even understand why they would sell this.

    Google's stuff seems to have a pretty cohesive function list and the consumer services to back it up.

    They should cancel this.

  13. Roger Ramjet

    This could have been a deliberate outing to "correct" pricing rumors that had been published on some blogs showing implied cost of $150.

  14. daveevad

    "Harman Kardon Invoke Makes a Brief Appearance in the Microsoft Store"...Then is immediately cancelled.

    -sorry Paul, I totally ripped off your Twitter MO

    : P

  15. kcarson97404

    Will it play music from my now canceled Groove Music account?

  16. SvenJ

    While it appears that the device will come with 6 mos of Skype Out (calling landlines/cell phones) people may not realize they get 60 minutes of Skype Out each month with an Office 365 subscription. It's not well publicized. Just FYI.

    This is going to be a tough sell I think, with Echo's recent announcements. Prices came down on decent devices. This thing is in Apple HomePod territory, and competing against Apple is tough, just because it's Apple.