Google Home and Assistant Pick Up Over 50 Activities for Kids

Posted on October 24, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Smart Home with 4 Comments

At its hardware event earlier this month, Google previewed a coming collection of games, activities, and stories, designed for children and families, for Google Home and Google Assistant.

Those activities are available today, albeit it only in the U.S.

“Now your Assistant has activities to keep everyone entertained,” Google Assistant UX lead Vicky Fang says. “Talking to your Assistant (instead of staring at a screen) is an easy way to be there, in the room, spending time with loved ones. So whether you’re at home on a rainy day or on a road trip, your Assistant can help you learn and have fun as a family.”

Many of the activities are designed for families, so that parents and children can learn and have fun together. But Google is also opening up a new Google Assistant experience for children under 13, who, with their parent’s permission, can sign-in with their own Family Link account. Assistant will recognize the child’s voice and provide a custom experience.

Some sample experiences include:

– “Let’s learn”
– “Play space trivia”
– “Talk to Everyday Heroes”
– “Help me with my homework”

– “Let’s play a game”
– “Play Mickey Mouse Adventure”
– “Talk to What’s My Justice League Super Hero?”
– “Play Sports Illustrated Kids Trivia”

– “Tell me a story”
– “Tell me the story of The-Not-So-Scaredy cat”
– “Play Strangest Day Ever”
– “Play Jungle Adventure”


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Comments (4)

4 responses to “Google Home and Assistant Pick Up Over 50 Activities for Kids”

  1. jrickel96

    Built for the 5 people that actually use Google Home and/or Assistant. I have a Google Home. It was a gift. I never use it. Amazon has the big lead in this segment and even that means they have maybe 2-3 million active monthly users globally.

    There are more Windows Phones NOW than there are smart speaker users. Seriously. Everyone has a play in this segment, yet none have any real traction. Market data indicates adoption rates have greatly slowed - much faster than they did for tablets.

    Sure, a Google Home is a great way to control your lights. That's about it.

  2. wolters

    I am currently looking at phasing out of Echo and into Google Home. While this news is indeed good, especially with how it works with the excellent Family Link, Google Home still has many shortcomings.

    So, when it comes to asking it to play music, it seems so difficult sometimes. I can tell Alexa to "shuffle" my music and it shuffles my music library. I tell google home to do that and it doesn' just "plays some music." If I ask Echo to "Shuffle my playlist Rush", it will play my created playlist for the band Rush. On Google Home, it plays a random, 25 song playlist for Rush. It just seems not quite ready for voice music commands.

    One thing I also like about Echo/Alexa is that I can use the app to turn on and set alarms and timers. That is only a vocal command on the Google Home. I know I can "cast" from Android Phones but the Alexa app does let you browse music from the app and then play to an Echo device. And this is kind of a biggie, I can access Alexa from the web whereas I can't with Google Home.

    I'm not dogging the HOME at all as I really want to come under the "Google Assistant" ecosystem but these few things are huge for me. 

  3. amorgan

    Google is trying very hard to get into home assistant segment but still it is very far behind than Amazon.

    Amazon has a big user base in the segment and their product is much mature than what Google offers.

    I am sure Google will not any space untouched to make their project a success.

    The fight between Google and Amazon to capture this market is getting interesting day by day. Let's see who will win this game.

    There is one more segment where both Amazon and Google are fighting and that is "Cloud Computing".

    Both have their established products in cloud computing space and the fight is very tough.


    Alex Morgan

    CEO @ AlexWebHosting.Com

  4. vangovagon

    Kids Shall Also Do Paint By Numbers To Improve Creativity.