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Qualcomm Launches New ARM Processors for Budget Laptops

Qualcomm expands its line of ARM processors for Always Connected PCs with the new Snapdragon…

Qualcomm Upgrades Always Connected PCs With New Snapdragon 8cx Platform

Qualcomm unveils its next-gen processor platform for Always Connected PCs, introducing major performance leaps.

Snapdragon 1000 Suggests Qualcomm Is Serious About the PC Market

After the Snapdragon 835 and the upcoming 850, Qualcomm gets ready to take things to…


Game Changer? (Premium)

Qualcomm's Snapdragon 850 announcement is a bit more profound than is immediately obvious. If the…

HP’s First Always Connected PC Now Available for Pre-order

HP's first ever Always Connected PC powered by the Snapdragon 835 is now available for…

Intel Announces 5G-Connected Windows 10 PCs Coming Next Year

Intel is launching new 5G-connected Windows 10 PCs in partnership with Dell, Lenovo, HP, and…

Windows 10 on ARM to Launch with 3 PCs on 14 Carriers

Windows 10 on ARM to Launch with 3 PCs on 14 Carriers

Qualcomm announced today that the three Windows 10 on ARM PCs that will launch this…

Always Connected PC is a Counter to All the Nonsense in Windows 10

Always Connected PC is a Counter to All the Nonsense in Windows 10 (Premium)

The Always Connected PC initiative is the cornerstone of Microsoft's latest attempt to modernize Windows…

Here Come the Intel-Powered Always-Connected PCs

A month ago, we thrilled to news of new Qualcomm-powered Always-Connected PCs. But that was…

HP Launches an Intel-powered Always Connected PC, Refreshed Spectre x360 15, More at CES

HP's CES 2018 lineup includes a more powerful version of its Spectre x360 15, an…


The Always Connected PC is the Future of the Platform (Premium)

  The popularity of smartphones, and of mobile in general, has led to upheavals in…


What’s the Value Proposition for Snapdragon-Based Always Connected PCs? (Premium)

Now that we've had our first hands-on experiences with ARM-based Always Connected PCs, we have…

HP and Asus Reveal Windows 10 Always Connected PCs Powered by Snapdragon 835

Microsoft is finally revealing the first set of Always Connected PCs powered by Windows on…


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