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  • Thurrott Daily: May 22

    Thurrott Daily: May 22

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    Tech tidbits from around the web: Windows 10 Mobile devices can now use screens as big as 9-inches, a new 2.5 hour documentary explains the history of the Amiga, and Half-Life 3 Episode 3 was announced---sigh---10 years ago this week.

    Throwback Thursday: Zune Unboxing

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    In late 2006, Microsoft announced Zune, “the next big milestone for its Connected Entertainment vision.” Zune was, let’s face it, an iPod rip-off, though it did offer some unique features and, more important, came in a sweet brown version. So sweet, in fact, that I still have mine. I’ll provide a number of looks back […]

    Throwback Thursday: Castle Wolfenstein 3D

    Throwback Thursday: Wolfenstein 3D

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    In the early 1990s, I was an Amiga diehard, convinced that my personal computer platform of choice was superior to expensive Macs and business-oriented IBM PCs. But what Id Software accomplished with Wolfenstein 3D changed everything. Suddenly, PCs were tremendous game machines. And they could do things that were then impossible on the Amiga. Wolfenstein 3D […]

    Throwback Thursday: Windows 2001

    Throwback Thursday: Windows 2001?

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    15 years ago, Microsoft was working on the follow-up to Windows 2000, which was then code-named Whistler. But in a press release touting Bill Gates’ appearance at COMDEX, Microsoft inadvertently slipped out what appeared to be the final name of the product: Windows 2001. Gates’ COMDEX and CES appearances were usually a combination of touting […]

    Throwback Thursday: My First Year with Windows Phone

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    Digging around through my old gadgets this week I found a few interesting and semi-historical hardware devices. The original iPhone. A Palm Treo running Windows Mobile 6 Pro. The original Windows 8 Slate. But none triggered the same reaction as the Windows Phone prototype handset that I used throughout summer 2010 before Windows Phone first […]

    Throwback Thursday: Windows “Vienna”

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    Most people don’t know or forgot, but Windows 7 actually went through a couple of codenames—Vienna first, then Windows Seven—before Microsoft settled on its final name. But the most notable thing about the start of this project, perhaps, was that it happened as a new team was taking over a Windows, ushering in a six-year […]

    Throwback Thursday: 1995

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    While I will be writing separately about several of the products mentioned in this article, it’s worth stepping back a bit and considering what an amazing year 1995 was. As the year began, I was just starting what would become a career in writing about Microsoft technologies, and the software giant had by mid-year unleashed […]

    Throwback Thursday: Windows Mobile 6.5

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    Just two years after the original iPhone was released, Windows Mobile was on the ropes and Microsoft realized it needed to embrace changes like multi-touch while moving more quickly in this suddenly hot market. Its last-ditch effort was the ultimate example of “putting lipstick on a pig” in the form of a touch-friendly patina over […]