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    First Impressions: Eve T1

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    Since we’re practically swimming in low-cost Windows tablets right now, you might wonder how it’s possible that new models are arriving regularly. You might further wonder why you should throw even a couple of hundred dollars on such a device with Windows 10 on the horizon. These are fair questions. But a Finnish newcomer called […]


    KAZAM Announces New Windows Phones and Tablets

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    A relative newcomer to the European mobile market, KAZAM got a jump on next week’s Mobile World Congress by pre-announcing some new Windows devices, including two Windows Phone handsets and three Windows 8.1 tablets. KAZAM was founded in May 2013 and began selling Android phones in UK, Germany, France, Spain and Poland. Today, it serves […]


    First Look: WinBook TW700 Tablet

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    Look out, HP: there’s a new budget Windows tablet and town. And this one—the WinBook TW700 Tablet—has a few interesting advantages over the HP Stream 7. But I’ll need some more experience with it before I can declare a winner. If you’ve been following the budget Windows device space, the basics will sound familiar: Here’s […]


    Thinking About Windows 8.1 with Bing Licensing

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    A curious report suggests that Microsoft will soon restrict the availability of Windows 8.1 with Bing on PCs with bigger screens as a way to “prop up slumping Windows licensing revenues.” But if that’s true, this change will do nothing of the kind: the only real growth in PC sales is already with very small […]