Xbox Web Site Updated with Activity Feed

Posted on February 13, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox with 0 Comments

Microsoft has updated the web site to display a nice, interactive activity feed when you login. This feeds shows you what your friends are up to, and lets you comment on their activities or make your own separate standalone posts.

To understand what an improvement this is, consider the old version.


Here’s the new version.


According to Microsoft, this new activity feed view lets you “see everything on your feed, make text posts, and like, comment on, and share feed items directly from your browser.”

There’s also a new suggested friends feature that will help you expand friends network and find new people with which to play on Xbox Live. To find it, navigate to Friends on the menu and then Suggested.


The other stuff that was available up front can be found via that menu too. For example, here’s the new Profile view.


Head on over to to check it out.