Atari Delays VCS Again, to Late 2019

Posted on March 19, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Xbox with 2 Comments

Originally expected by the end of 2017, the retro-inspired Atari VCS has been delayed yet again, this time to the end of 2019.

“The hardware engineering team behind the Atari VCS has remained heads-down in the system architecture phase, working closely with our hardware and software partners to deliver the best possible user experience,” a new post by the Atari VCS Team explains. “It will now be powered by a 14nm AMD processor … [which] will be faster, cooler, and more efficient … [with] better overall performance in a cooler and quieter box … The new processor includes built-in Ethernet, Native 4K video with modern HDCP, and a secure frame buffer that fully-supports DRM video (Netflix, HBO, etc.).”

But this change will also impact the VCS delivery schedule, naturally.

“With this decision to upgrade, and the resulting modifications to the system architecture and software that are needed, the VCS team now projects a new delivery window for the Atari VCS at the end of 2019 for Indiegogo backers,” the post continues. “The North American schedule is now targeting end of 2019 for delivery.”

Atari, such as it is, announced its plans for a new retro-inspired console in mid-2017. At the time, the device didn’t have a name—it was codenamed Ataribox—and Atari promised something that combined the looks of Atari’s first video game machine, the VCS, but with modern components. One year ago, the firm announced that the console would, of course, be called VCS.

The VCS was originally expected by late 2017, and then by late 2018. This third delay adds yet another year to the schedule and puts the VCS on track to ship just before the new Intellivision console. What fun.

Will either of these devices really ship or, having done so, make a difference in any way? We’ll see. But I doubt it.

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