Amazon Prime Members to Get Discounts at Whole Foods

Posted on May 16, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Amazon, Cloud with 14 Comments

Amazon Prime Members to Get Discounts at Whole Foods

In perhaps the most dramatic example yet of its ability to offer Prime members unique perks, Amazon today announced that they will receive a 10 percent discount on all purchases at Whole Foods retail stores.

“This new Prime benefit at Whole Foods Market is a perfect pairing of healthy and delicious food at even more affordable prices,” an unattributed quote explains.

Going forward, Prime members will receive a 10 percent discount on all Whole Foods and Whole Foods Market 365 stores in the United States. The discount is available today in all Florida locations, and it will roll out nationwide by the summer, Amazon says.

To take advantage of the savings, Prime members will need to use the Whole Foods Market mobile app and have it scanned at checkout.

As I’ve noted in the past, Amazon Prime comes with a unique combination of physical and digital perks that make it an unparalleled value, even when you factor this year’s rare price hike.


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Comments (14)

14 responses to “Amazon Prime Members to Get Discounts at Whole Foods”

  1. jchampeau

    Also unparalleled: Amazon's unique ability to know practically everything about its customers and their buying habits. That's a bit hyperbolic, but linking Amazon purchases, grocery purchases, Alexa use, Prime Video watching habits, Prime Rewards credit card buying history, etc., etc. gives Amazon a lot of intel on its customers. <dusts off tinfoil hat>

  2. RR

    Please. I am a prime member, but what is it more than a bundled membership program. Amazon owns Whole Foods so, this is basically their declaration of intent to convert it to a Sams Club model within Prime, always with a differentiated eye on digitalization of course. So, you must use your App so they can cut all intermediate costs of following your every habit across physical and digital(they are also training you for their store without humans). So, any smart shopper who goes to Whole Foods regularly does what? They'd join prime. In its own way, It's Google on Steroids.

    Yet, Bezos is never satisfied and so never takes any meaningful steps to control growth and make actual profits, always the next shinny thing on the horizon that money can be poured into, by probability, something will pan out. There is a cult around him (like Elon) and so the stock remains in the stratosphere, allowing this quirky model. Last I checked the price to earnings was nosebleed 240. Apple made more profit in last quarter that Amazon has made cumulatively since existence. This is fundamentally, how you out compete Microsoft or Apple or Walmart, in product categories because "the market" doesn't ask you tough questions those companies have to answer on earnings day. We'll see how long it lasts, but they better have $100 billion life insurance on Bezos. If he were hit by a bus that's probably how far the stock falls next day.

  3. Daekar

    Doesn't this kind of consolidation creep out anyone else? It's not GOOD that all these companies are being scooped up by the likes of Amazon, not one bit. I objected to Whole Foods because of their crazy prices and willingness to promote hipster food trends that render the agricultural market more volatile, but being owned by Amazon is a great reason to shop elsewhere.

  4. kalahari

    According to the linked press release: "Prime members can now get an additional 10 percent off sale items, typically hundreds of products throughout the store, plus weekly deep discounts on select best-selling items." So that's not everything in the store as the first paragraph here suggests :-/

  5. Chris_Kez

    How long until we get Amazon banks and financial services?

  6. X911ty12

    So only 60% over priced now?

  7. pwrof3

    I went to the Amazon Go Store in Seattle. It was an amazing experience. Looking forward to them rolling out those type of mini stores nationwide. All you do is scan your phone when you walk in, take what you want and walk out.

    I wonder how this would work on a bigger scale like a Whole Foods?

  8. pwrof3

    Went to Whole Foods a few times. I paid $2.99 for one donut. Not even a fancy donut. Just a regular glaze donut. It was only so so.

  9. lezmaka

    If you really want to save money, it's better to just not go to Whole Foods in the first place

  10. keith2266

    Thank you so much. I have recently ordered food on Dunkin Donuts using Amazon pay. I have also got some discounts coupons to next order by taking TellDonuts survey.

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