Amazon’s “Try Before You Buy” Prime Service Launches in the US

Amazon is launching its Prime Wardrobe service to all its Prime subscribers in the United States. First announced last year, the company’s new Prime Wardrobe service allows Prime subscribers to try on clothes, shoes, and accessories before actually paying for them.

For every Prime Wardrobe order, you will need to purchase at least 3 items and a max of 8 items. Once you place the order, it may take a few days to ship — but once it’s shipped, you have a total of 7 days to try out the items and return the ones that don’t fit, or the ones you simply don’t like with the resealable box and prepaid label. Not all clothing items are eligible for Prime Wardrobe, but items that are eligible will have a Prime Wardrobe logo. TechCrunch reports the service mostly “favors” Amazon’s in-house clothing brands like Amazon Essentials, but it also includes some of the high-end fashion brands like Tommy Hilfiger, Calvin Klein, Lacoste, Levi’s, Hugo Boss, etc.

The idea behind Prime Wardrobe isn’t anything new. The evolution of online shopping has paved the way for many similar services, like the UK’s ASOS, where you can buy as many items you want, try them out, return them within 30 days, or pay later with Klarna without having to pay any extra charges. It’s very convenient.

If you are in the United States and subscribe to Amazon Prime, you can give Prime Wardrobe a try here. 

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Conversation 10 comments

  • jchampeau

    Premium Member
    20 June, 2018 - 11:29 am

    <p>Either it launched a while back or I stumbled into a beta/trial/prelaunch period without knowing it. The jeans I have on at this moment were ordered on May 9 via Amazon Prime Wardrobe. There was something satisfying about knowing my card wouldn't be charged until I had an opportunity to try them on.</p>

  • Waethorn

    20 June, 2018 - 12:58 pm

    <p>"the company’s new Prime Wardrobe service allows Prime subscribers to try on clothes, shoes, and accessories before actually paying for them."</p><p><br></p><p>They already have that. It's just called "Amazon".</p>

    • Elton Saulsberry

      21 June, 2018 - 9:01 am

      <blockquote><a href="#285323"><em>In reply to Waethorn:</em></a><em> </em>Except in "regular" Amazon if you have too many returns they close your account.</blockquote><p><br></p>

      • Waethorn

        21 June, 2018 - 2:37 pm

        <blockquote><a href="#285459"><em>In reply to Elton_Saulsberry:</em></a></blockquote><p>Still, "Amazon Essentials" is just used clothing that was already sold once by a third-party seller, and Amazon bought it up to resell as "new".</p><p><br></p><p>Because Ozone machines are magic!</p>

  • slerched

    Premium Member
    20 June, 2018 - 2:25 pm

    <p>I still wish they would allow us to unbundle some of the crap from Prime to get a lower price.</p><p><br></p><p>Wish I could do just the shipping and just video. No sports. No Wardrobe. None of the other clutter.</p><p><br></p><p>I get it. Spreading the cost across all the subscribers brings the price down for "everyone" and so on. Doesn't mean I have to like paying $120 for something I used to pay $80 for.</p>

  • richfrantz

    Premium Member
    20 June, 2018 - 2:48 pm

    <p>Just got 3 pairs of Merrell running shoes through PW. </p>

  • Hoomgar

    27 June, 2018 - 12:22 pm

    <p>I see this being useful for shoes and boots.&nbsp; I know what size pants and shirts I wear.&nbsp; Jackets and such as well.&nbsp; Shoes and boots however as you already know vary greatly from what their labeled size says.&nbsp; That is why I have never bought any footwear online before.&nbsp; I might give this a spin.</p>

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    27 June, 2019 - 12:57 pm

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  • amrudrasingh143

    07 September, 2019 - 7:53 am

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    05 November, 2019 - 7:44 am

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