Apple Releases Schoolwork App for Teachers

Posted on June 26, 2018 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 0 Comments

As promised, Apple is releasing its Schoolwork for teachers today. The company first announced the new app back at its education-focused event in March, where the firm also launched a cheap new iPad for students.

Schoolwork is a free app for the iPad that essentially works as a companion to Apple Classroom. With Schoolwork, teachers can share content with students in their Classroom easily. They will also be able to view students’ progress, send announcements, assign assignments with Handouts, and more. Schoolwork also integrates with third-party apps, so third-party education apps that work with Schoolwork will be able to take the experience ab it further. Teachers can, for example, provide tasks or assignments within these third-party apps and the third-party apps will automatically connect with Schoolwork and update the students’ progress once the task is completed. Schoolworks also provides reports on the performance of the entire classroom, as well as individual students so that teachers can easily track the performance of their class.

Schoolwork is part of Apple’s push in the education market. The company is lagging behind both Google and Microsoft, mainly because of the high price of its products and services. But with the launch of the affordable iPad, combined with the new services for schools and students, that could change soon. Still, Apple has a lot of work to do in the education sector to really compete with Google and Microsoft.

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