Apple Announces tvOS 13 With Multi-User Support, More

Posted on June 3, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple with 5 Comments

Apple is launching the next-gen version of tvOS today. The launch of tvOS 13 today is important, considering the upcoming launch of Apple’s streaming service Apple TV+.

tvOS13 introduces support for multi-user, which means you will now be able to get your personalised feed based on your own watching history. And like Netflix, you will be able to create user accounts for everyone else on your home. Users will be able to quickly switch to different accounts via the newly designed Control Centre.

Apple is also introducing an improved design for tvOS that shows larger previews for new shoes and movies.  It’s also getting Apple Music integration, allowing users to listen to music on their TV and even look at lyrics while listening to songs.

And lastly, tvOS 13 introduces support for Xbox One and PlayStation controllers, allowing you to browse tvOS with your existing console controllers. You will also be able to play Apple Arcade games using the controller which is pretty great.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Apple Announces tvOS 13 With Multi-User Support, More”

  1. Skolvikings

    This is great. Multi-user support will be appreciated in my household.

  2. bmatusz

    I would love Xbox Video support on my Apple TV 4k ... I have some legacy content over there.

  3. lvthunder

    That TV show they showed the preview of looks pretty good to me.

  4. curtisspendlove

    I'm looking forward to this, I need a system that can download content overnight to be ready to be watched. My understanding is that Apple TV can download most content to the drive. I have to verify this though before I pull the trigger on a purchase.

    The "space race" show they previewed looked better than I expected as well.

    :: shrug ::

  5. Patrick3D

    Hopefully this implies that Xbox One and Playstation Now online game streaming will be coming to AppleTV which would imply reciprocal agreements those consoles will carry Apple Arcade and other Apple streaming services.

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