Apple’s Mac Mini Is Getting Its New Processor, Too

Posted on November 10, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Apple, Hardware with 10 Comments

Apple’s new M1 processor just got revealed today. And along with the new MacBook Air, the company is also bringing the M1 processor to the Mac Mini.

Apple is promising a lot of things with the new octa-core M1 processor. Apple says the new M1 will enable the Mac Mini to offer 3x faster CPU performance than its previous generation, and 6x performance gains for the graphics thanks to the integrated graphics unit on the M1.

Apple has been making a lot of comparisons with Windows laptops at the event today, as you may have already noticed. For the Mac Mini, Apple says it offers 5x faster performance than the top-selling PC desktop, whatever that is. More importantly, though, the new Mac Mini is $100 cheaper now, starting at $699.

Disclosure: I worked as a software engineering intern with the Windows on Snapdragon (ARM) team at Qualcomm in Summer 2020. Any opinions or comments expressed in this article do not represent my past or future employer. 

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