Apple Finally Admits Defeat on a Return to Office Date

Posted on December 16, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Apple with 176 Comments

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Less than one month after declaring that most employees would return to the office by February 1, Apple CEO Tim Cook has thrown in the towel. He will no longer communicate a specific date for this return, due to anti-vaxxer idiots unnecessarily dragging out the COVID-19 pandemic and disrupting the economy worldwide in the process.

Like many other firms, Apple changed its expected return date several times throughout 2021. But it has also held on longer to the fiction that we will return to something resembling normal longer than most as well.

In mid-November, Mr. Cook told employees of the latest date, February 1, after previously citing scheduled return dates for September, October, and January. But now he has told them that the return has shifted to a more nebulous “date yet to be determined.”

Mr. Cook also told employees that each would receive an additional $1000 to help them furnish their home offices.

And Apple also announced that it was temporarily closing three retail stores, in Miami, Florida; Annapolis, Maryland, and Ottawa, Canada because of spikes in positive COVID tests for employees in those locations.

Apple still seems determined on getting as many employees back to the office as possible, in sharp contrast to most of its competitors. But the pandemic has at least inspired Mr. Cook to give employees a bit of flexibility whenever they do come back in the form of allowing them to work remotely four weeks each year.

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