Welcome to the New Thurrott.com!

I’m proud to unveil the newly redesigned Thurrott.com, which I hope you agree is a dramatic visual and functional improvement over its predecessor.

As you may know, this is something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, and we made some big steps toward this refresh earlier in the year. But thanks to George, who really pushed to get this done by the end of the year, this suddenly came together quickly. And I couldn’t be happier. What an incredible update.

Here are some of the key new features and changes.

New theme. Our Windows 11-inspired visual refresh is clean and modern, with easily-recognizable design elements and navigational breadcrumbs at the top of every article so that you can more easily dive into related topics. But unlike Windows 11, the changes aren’t just skin deep: the new theme also lets our content creators and others at the company more easily change elements of the site without requiring a developer.

Much better performance. Tied to that first point, the old site was creaking under the weight of multiple generations of code additions from a variety of sources, and cleaning that up has resulted in a nice performance boost that everyone should notice.

Dark Mode. Premium Members get a Dark mode/Light mode toggle in the top right of the site that will persist across visits. I’ve been using a browser plug-in as a workaround for this for years, but this built-in capability is far more sophisticated and much better looking.

Bookmark and Favorites. You can now bookmark articles to read later and favorite articles you really like. And you can access both collections from your user account, most easily from the icon in the top right of the site. The distinction between the two may seem subtle, but we think of a favorite as a post you may want to refer to again and again while bookmarks are a way to create a reading list of articles that you can access when you have more time.

Improved access to recent articles. We’ve implemented a new way to see the most recent articles on the site in the top block on the home page. It features infinite scroll functionality with a fun animated Thurrott “T” logo when it needs to load more.

Forums. We’ve improved how you access the most recent forum threads on the home page and there is a fantastic new way to create new threads.

User management. The My Account area has been completely updated and provides a friendlier (and much faster) way to manage your account.

Improved Windows 11 Field Guide experience. We were really proud of the Windows 11 Field Guide experience that we implemented a few months ago, but the new version is even better, with improved navigation.

Twitter integration. The latest tweets from my personal Twitter account and the Thurrott Feed are now available via a block in the right rail next to articles.

There are other changes, and we have more updates we’re working on, but I hope you agree that this refresh is a major step forward. Obviously, there will be bugs, too. So please let us know what you’re seeing so we can prioritize.

Thanks for reading! It’s an exciting day.


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