Placeholders for Google Drive is Coming for G Suite Customers

Posted on September 7, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 10 Comments

Placeholders for Google Drive is Coming for G Suite Customers

Announced back in March, Google Drive File Stream will soon be available to all G Suite customers. It’s essentially OneDrive placeholders (or Files on Demand) for Drive.

“Drive File Stream is a new desktop application that allows you to quickly access all of your Google Drive files on demand, directly from your computer, meaning you use almost none of your hard drive space and spend less time waiting for files to sync,” the G Suite Updates website explains. “Drive File Stream will be turned ON for all customers, but we’ll only show download links in the Drive interface if you currently show them for Backup and Sync / Google Drive for Mac/PC.”

Because Google has to make G Suite as complex as any Microsoft business solution, the rollout of Drive File Stream is needlessly convoluted: G Suite admins will see settings for the feature appear in the Admin console starting today. But these settings won’t actually work until Tuesday, September 26th, when Drive File Stream becomes generally available to users.

Drive File Stream will replace the old Google Drive client for PC and Mac, Google says, and that older app will no longer be supported starting December 11. It will be shut down completely on March 12, 2018. But users who don’t want to use Drive File Stream can alternatively run the new Backup and Sync client for PC or Mac, the firm notes.

Why two backup and sync clients? Because, again, Google has to make everything as complex as Microsoft does. How else will it ever be adopted by the enterprise?

This Google help site will help you understand the differences between Drive File Stream and the more consumer-focused Backup and Sync.


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Comments (10)

10 responses to “Placeholders for Google Drive is Coming for G Suite Customers”

  1. Lauren Glenn

    No thanks. Google Drive once lost a lot of my data by not syncing it reliably, so I don't trust it. I tested this by having two computers set up with the same account on Google Drive. Each time, they had files missing between the two. The solution then was to uninstall and reinstall. I'm sorry, but if that's a solution you have for something as important as retaining files, I'm going back to Dropbox.

    OneDrive's old placeholders were notorious for constantly bringing back files you deleted on other machines and creating many duplicates. The new OneDrive's placeholders are much better and don't have this problem that I see. But I never lost a lot of files with it like I did with G Drive.

  2. Chris_Kez

    I guess my company will be moving to this in short order, given that the current desktop client will not be supported after December 11th. I can already sense the coming pain and confusion of thousands of co-workers.

  3. darkgrayknight

    Google does complexity worse than Microsoft. Eventually Microsoft pulls some things back to simplicity. However, Google starts simple and then makes it complex with less reasoning than Microsoft. I seriously hate being on G Suite for both the State government and the company I work for. It is unbelievable how much we gave up moving to that route compared to going to Office 365.

  4. Michael Uhlman

    I have been using this on the Mac for a few months and while I still very much dislike G Suite especially compared to Office 365 feature wise this app has been pretty solid and is the only way to access team drives on the desktop.