Chrome is Being Updated to Block More Web Annoyances

Posted on November 9, 2017 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 17 Comments

Chrome is Being Updated to Block More Web Annoyances

Google said this week that it will enhance its Chrome web browser over the next few versions to prevent some of the most annoying behaviors we see on the web today.

“Following on from features like Chrome’s pop-up blocker and autoplay protections, over the next few releases we’ll be rolling out three new protections designed to give users all the web has to offer, but without many types of unwanted behaviors,” Google’s Ryan Schoen explains in a post to the official Chromium blog.

These three improvements include:

Unexpected page navigation. Chrome users tell Google that they will sometimes be viewing a web page and have the browser suddenly navigate to a new page for seemingly no reason. “This redirect often comes from third-party content embedded in the page, and the page author didn’t intend the redirect to happen at all,” Schoen says. So Chrome 64 will prevent third-party iframes from redirecting the browser. And a note will appear in that iframe explaining that the navigation was blocked so you can identify the culprit.

Pop-up blocker circumnavigation. Some websites are circumnavigating the pop-up blocker built into Chrome by opening a link in a new tab while navigating the first tab to a new, unwanted page. “Starting in Chrome 65 we’ll also detect this behavior,” Schoen writes, “trigger an infobar, and prevent the main tab from being redirected.”

Other abusive experiences. Google is also preventing a number of other, harder-to-detect abusive web experiences, including “links to third-party websites disguised as play buttons or other site controls, or transparent overlays on websites that capture all clicks and open new tabs or windows.” These changes will come to the pop-up blocker in January, Schoen notes. And to help website owners prepare for the change, Google has opened an Abusive Experiences web portal so that they can see if anyone has reported them.

The current version of Chrome is 61, so these changes are still several weeks, or at least a few months, away.


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Comments (17)

17 responses to “Chrome is Being Updated to Block More Web Annoyances”

  1. Stooks

    "autoplay protections"

    I have yet to see this working on Chrome and I am fully updated. It works FANTASTIC in Safari on a my Mac, which is quickly becoming my computer of choice when using a computer to browse the web.

    I simply do not trust anything Google says about ad blocking. U-Block properly tweaked on any browser so far is the best option. It even stops the intrusive ad's on this site.

  2. Chris_Kez

    I'll continue to use uBlock Origin. Google is only doing this to make ads more palatable and to protect their entrenched ad business, which I have zero interest in supporting.

    • Nicholas Kathrein

      In reply to Chris_Kez:

      And to make sure the websites you go to actually can make money to pay for the content. You get that right? I don't use pop up blockers even though I hate the Spam ads because I want the sites to be able to pay their people. I even signed up for Google Contributor to pay to not see the ads. If Google can cut the crap ads and still show the more acceptable ads that's great.

  3. skane2600

    How about requiring the user to opt-in to enable any third-party search engine replacement or non-standard Google page. The percentage of users who would actual want that must be very low.

  4. innitrichie

    This is good news for Chrome users.

    I'm in the 2% Edge users club. We're a minority so small that almost nobody bothers to target us with "unwanted behaviors".

  5. timwakeling

    Ironically, the behaviour in the picture above your article (popups that aren't new windows but just things designed to look like pop up windows), doesn't seem to be covered...

  6. StephenCWLL

    The current version of chrome is actually v62 ...

  7. ben55124

    Or just use Firefox for Android and get an ad block extension now. Google likely noticed an uptick in alternate browser traffic.

  8. BarretBlake

    Will it block the full page ad popups on

  9. wolters

    This is very good to hear.

    Maybe there is a fix that I've yet to find, but I notice that many times, Microsoft Websites will time out or not work at all some days when using Chrome. Happens a lot when trying to grab my GAMES WITH GOLD, especially the 360 titles. I have to jump to Edge for that.

    • Ekim

      In reply to wolters:

      I've noticed this a lot with help pages. A bit frustrating to be analyzing issues in the event viewer and try to get online help only to be delivered to a dead page. Same issue with help in Visual Studio however with that I noticed that trying a 2nd time gets me what I need.

    • JerryH

      In reply to wolters:

      Microsoft has a lot of web properties and they are woefully inconsistent. Get this one - Windows 10 ships with Edge. But use Edge to visit the web page that Microsoft uses to shows release info for Windows 10 versions - - shows a "you've stumbled upon some vintage web tech" message and asks you to use Internet Explorer. Others like you said freeze in Chrome.

  10. CompSciGuy31415

    I hope they fix the mobile version as well. Even trustworthy sites get the ad redirect sometimes. I'll be reading through an article and boom, redirected to an ad that says my phone has been infected and "click here to remove the virus".

  11. james thomson

    Google chrome is one of the best browser among all other browsers like opera and firefox and now it look like after the update it will become better.The automate redirection is really should not be there its a good step by google for updating it. roadside assistance service