Bing for iOS Gets Redesigned Homepage, iPhone X Support

Posted on November 23, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Bing + MSN, Cloud, iOS, Microsoft Consumer Services, Mobile with 5 Comments

Bing is rolling out a fairly major update to its iPhone app today. Microsoft is revamping the design of the homepage for the app with the latest update, although the changes are quite small in terms of functionality.

First, Microsoft is putting voice and camera search on the front and centre of the Bing app on the iPhone. Previously, the app focused on the big search icon and didn’t give users direct access to voice and camera search. But with today’s update, the primary search icon is accompanied by both the voice search and camera search icons on the homepage.

Second, Microsoft is making it easier to access the personalised news feed on the homepage. The company added a news feed to the homepage of the Bing app a little while ago, which shows articles you may want to read from around the web. It learns from your reading habits to improve article suggestions over time. In the past, this feed was difficult to discover for users as there was no visual clue — but the latest update automatically shows the first three stories from your news feed, and you can continue scrolling to read more stories from your personalised feed. You can even block stories from certain news sources, or dislike a story so that Bing doesn’t show similar stories in the future.

And lastly, today’s update brings support for the iPhone X to the Bing app on the iPhone, getting rid of the hideous software bezels around the app. The updated app now looks really good on the iPhone X, mostly due to the removable of those software bezels.

You can get the new Bing for iOS here from the App Store.

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