Microsoft Brings Real-time Collaboration for Inking in Windows 10

Posted on December 5, 2017 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft Consumer Services, Office 365, Windows, Windows 10 with 18 Comments

Microsoft is today releasing Whiteboard, a new Office app for Windows 10 devices built for modern devices. Microsoft showed off Whiteboard earlier this year, promising a release for its Surface devices by the end of this year. Today, the company is releasing the first preview of Whiteboard for all Windows 10 devices.

Whiteboard brings real-time collaboration to Windows 10 devices. Office 365 subscribers will be able to use the app to collaborate on a canvas with others in real-time, just like you can collaborate on Word documents or PowerPoint presentations. For the real-time collaboration to work, at least one person in your group must have an Office 365 subscription.

The idea behind Whiteboard is actually pretty clever, as it makes collaboration really easy through the virtual whiteboard. The app includes an intelligent feature which can turn your drawings of standard shapes, tables into actual diagrams and tables so they look much nicer on the canvas. You can also add pictures from the web or your device, add sticky notes, create image stacks, and more.

Whiteboard doesn’t limit you to a single whiteboard, so you can work on multiple different whiteboards and work on them whenever you want. Here’s a look at the new Microsoft Whiteboard app for Windows 10:

Microsoft Whiteboard will be available here from the Microsoft Store sometime later today. Keep in mind that the feature is only accessible to Windows 10 users who use English as their OS language.

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Comments (18)

18 responses to “Microsoft Brings Real-time Collaboration for Inking in Windows 10”

  1. prettyconfusd

    Great stuff, this will be brilliant in a classroom environment - if any decent budget penabled devices are ever released, there's a real dearth of them right now which is odd considering Microsoft's occasional insistence of the pen's merits.

    Nice little video, but an odd choice to erase out the message at the end, gives it a negative ending.

    • SvenJ

      In reply to prettyconfusd: The 10" NuVision tablet sold at the MS store is surprisingly capable in this respect. It is absolutely no powerhouse, but basic Office apps, web browsing for research, and such it is adequate. It would do this very well. It supports pen and miracast, so would be great in this use case. We picked one up when they were $99, so no complaints.

  2. gregsedwards

    Has anyone been able to download this thing successfully yet? Still getting the old 404 error on my end. ?

  3. SvenJ

    I've had this since it was announced via some roundabout shenanigans. It is very nice, though I haven't had the opportunity to try the collaboration capabilities. Ever since I got it I envisioned several of us at the office conference room with it, with one Miracasting to the big display. It would beat the heck out of heading to the white board, one after another, grabbing a marker that doesn't work, tossing it and hunting for one that works, until the whole board is covered in chicken scratch that someone takes a picture of and mails around.

  4. BizTechSherpa

    Wouldn’t it be great if functionality like this where in Microsoft teams, can’t wait till it is there.

  5. Chris Blair

    I would love to get enthusiastic about this. I ink all the time with my new (2017) Surface Pro. But I've had to go back to using my Surface Pro 4 pen because of problems with the 2017 Surface Pro and Pen related to tilt detection and parallax correction, as documented in this Microsoft Community thread: "Surface Pro - intermittent pen inaccuracy when hand is on the screen." Also check out YouTube, which has several good videos that illustrate this problem. Mehedi, it would be great if you could look into this issue and do a story about it.

    Is anyone else here (on experiencing this problem with their 2017 Surface Pro Pen? I know the problem occurs when using a 2017 Surface Pro. It may also occur when using a Surface Book 2, which I believe supports tilt detection.

    MOD: Here is the link to the aforementioned thread:

    • john

      In reply to Chris Blair:
      Same here. As of 10:00 a.m EST still getting 404 error.

    • lvthunder

      In reply to Chris Blair:

      I haven't noticed that on my original Surface Book.

      • Chris Blair

        In reply to lvthunder: I don't think you should because the original Surface Book does not support tilt detection. The problem occurs, we think, because the new Surface Pro detects Surface Pro Pen angle erratically, and thus applies pen tip parallax correction erratically, when the palm is resting on the screen. In my case the problem comes and goes depending on whether I'm touching a metal surface on my Surface. Very frustrating. Check out the YouTube videos on this topic.

  6. Bogdan Verbenets

    Is the shape recognition just as bad as in OneNote?

  7. dcdevito

    I can't wait for this! I have over a hundred remote colleagues and we're often in brainstorming sessions. This is perfect.

  8. lwetzel

    Can't seem to get there from their page. Getting a 404 error.