Project Fi Works with Google’s Parental Controls Now

Posted on June 5, 2018 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Cloud, Google, Mobile with 6 Comments

Project Fi Works with Google's Parental Controls Now

Google announced today that its Project Fi wireless service is now compatible with its Family Link parental controls.

“Starting today, children under 13 can join a Project Fi group plan with their Google Account managed with Family Link,” a Google email to Project Fi subscribers explains. “Like before, adding a new person to your Project Fi account costs just $15 per month, and each member will be able to share data with the rest of the group.”

To be clear, Google previously added group functionality to Project Fi, allowing multiple family members and/or friends to share data in a single plan. The change here is the addition of Family Link compatibility, which adds parental controls to the system.

“When you add a child to your [Project Fi] plan, you’ll both enjoy the Project Fi features you know and love, like easy data alerts, seamless switching between networks, and automatic connection to free Wi-Fi hotspots,” Google’s Jennifer Li explains, “in addition to the features already available in the Family Link app that you can use to set digital ground rules that work for your family.”

Google provides a free Family Link app for Android that lets parents manage their childrens’ app usage, screen time, and some device and account settings.


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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Project Fi Works with Google’s Parental Controls Now”

  1. wolters

    For me, this is the best tech news of the week!!!! So glad to see this.

  2. dcdevito

    This is a really nice feature, and something I was hoping to see when they announced Fi. Only Google can do something like this, and I might be tempted to switch back if they continue to add such features.

  3. lvthunder

    Why do features like these require a specific carrier? That seems weird to me.

    • nerdile

      In reply to lvthunder:

      The Fi controls do not require a family link account. The change is that, prior to this, if you *did* have a Family Link account (a parentally-managed, locked down Google account for a kid under 13), you could not use it with Project Fi at all. I wonder what other services it still cannot be used with.

  4. Maktaba

    Does Family Link allow blocking the stock YouTube app?

  5. harrymyhre

    I put a data only project fi sim card in a Verizon tablet.

    It works.

    Only on T-Mobile but it works.

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