EU Rejects U.S. Call for Huawei Ban

Posted on March 26, 2019 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud with 57 Comments

The European Commission said today that EU nations will work together to assess and prevent security risks associated with 5G networks. In doing so, the EU has effectively rejected demands from the United States that it ban Huawei and other Chinese companies from participating in these networks.

“The European Commission recommended today a set of concrete actions to assess cybersecurity risks of 5G networks and to strengthen preventive measures,” an EC announcement reads. “The recommendations are a combination of legislative and policy instruments meant to protect our economies, societies and democratic systems … 5G is a key asset for Europe to compete in the global market and its cybersecurity is crucial for ensuring the strategic autonomy of the Union.”

The EC’s recommendations include requiring each member state to complete a national risk assessment of 5G network infrastructures by the end of June and then update their security requirements for network providers. The EC says that EU member states—rather than the EU as a whole—will have the right to exclude companies that don’t meet their unique security requirements.

“Today’s Recommendation will make use of the wide-range of instruments already in place or agreed to reinforce cooperation against cyber-attacks and enable the EU to act collectively in protecting its economy and society, including the first EU-wide legislation on cybersecurity, the Cybersecurity Act recently approved by the European Parliament, and the new telecoms rules,” the announcement continues. “The Recommendation will help Member States to implement these new instruments in a coherent manner when it comes to 5G security.”

Huawei says it welcomes the EU decision.

“Huawei understands the cybersecurity concerns that European regulators have,” Huawei’s Abraham Liu said. “Huawei looks forward to contributing to the European framework on cybersecurity. We are firmly committed to continue working with all regulators and partners to make the 5G rollout in Europe a success.”

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