Slack Just Upgraded Its Microsoft Office Integration

Posted on April 9, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Office 365 with 6 Comments

Slack is introducing some major improvements for Office users today. The company is introducing a couple of upgrades to some of the Office integration that significantly improves the experience and makes it easier for users to deal with their Office documents and events right from Slack.

Firstly, Slack is getting improved support for Outlook Mail and Outlook Calendar. With the new Slack add-on for Outlook, you will be able to forward emails from Outlook right into your Slack channels. Outlook Calendar will also now let you confirm event/meeting invites and jump into calls right from Skype. Slack will also sync your status with your status from Outlook, so when you are in a meeting, you won’t have to manually change your Slack status to let your teammates know, for example.

And secondly, Slack is getting better support for Office files. You will now be able to add documents from OneDrive easily with the new OneDrive app on Slack, and you can also search for files and preview them from OneDrive right on Slack. Talking about previews, Slack now lets you get full previews of Office files like Word documents, Excel spreadsheets, and PowerPoint presentations right from Slack itself without needing to download the files.

Slack’s improved integration for Office apps is actually quite impressive. The thing that is a bit confusing, however, is the fact that if your company is using Office 365, you are most likely using Microsoft Teams instead of Slack, and so there isn’t a lot of use for the new integrations here. But still, I’d imagine there are a lot of companies and users that rely on both Slack and Office 365 instead of using Microsoft Teams, so this will be very useful for those users.

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Comments (6)

6 responses to “Slack Just Upgraded Its Microsoft Office Integration”

  1. Stooks

    Probably too late. People at my company absolutely love Teams.

  2. mejason83

    If Teams wasn't doing so well they would still be telling 365 users to suck it.

  3. skane2600

    Is Slack still a thing?

    Yeah, I know it is. I just never embraced messaging as an alternative to talking to someone in the same room.

  4. gregsedwards

    You’d think so, but my company apparently likes throwing away good money on duplicate services, so we use Office 365 and yet pay for Zoom and Slack instead of just using Teams.

  5. dontbe evil

    cool... but I still miss Teams compared to Slack