Slack Adds 7 Thousand New Customers Amid Increase in Demand

Posted on March 20, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud with 10 Comments

Slack has quietly announced a new milestone for its service. The company reported that it has added 7,000 new customers between February 1 and March 18, in the space of just 47 days.

The addition of 7,000 new customers between February 1 and March 18 beats the number of customers the company added in the last quarter, notes TechCrunch. The growth is quite impressive.

The boost in Slack’s customer base, however, is obviously fueled by the recent increase in demand caused by the coronavirus outbreak. With more and more people working from home, demand for services like Slack, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, etc. has skyrocketed in the last few weeks.

Microsoft, for example, announced yesterday that it added a total of 12 million daily active users (DAUs) in just a week. Slack’s figure of 7,000 new customers is completely different from the DAUs figure of Microsoft Teams, by the way.

Slack reporting its addition of 7,000 new customers is just a way of the company getting back at Microsoft Teams. The competition between both the services has been quite tight, but Microsoft has overtaken Slack quite quickly. Sadly though, the competition between Microsoft Teams and Slack is slowly becoming quite toxic, with some Slack employees going as far as taking direct shots at Microsoft Teams for the recent outage.

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Comments (12)

12 responses to “Slack Adds 7 Thousand New Customers Amid Increase in Demand”

  1. beckoningeagle

    It would be interesting to know how many users total are in those 7,000 customers.

  2. kd5hiy

    I love this. I am happy to see Slack and Teams going at it. Keeps that bar high and prevents IE6 stagnation.

  3. epsjrno

    Slack was an easy way to cobble together a virtual classroom for my parents' cosmetology school. Most of the students and instructors have taken to it well.

  4. gvan

    We are rolling out Microsoft Teams cell phone app installs as fast as possible at my work right now.

  5. chump2010

    Is it just me, or is it weird to see a provider of web services have problems with their web based application due to demand? Maybe they don't do a full integration or something, but I would assume that Microsoft Teams is running off Azure and that they don't have any limitations on how much bandwidth they are allowed. That it would auto adjust and deal with extra demand really easily.

    Kinda like the way Amazon will never go down because of too much demand, because they have a million data centres that compensate.

    However, maybe Microsoft compartmentalise their products so it is not all one big happy family, and they still have an internal budget that means they have to "pay" the Azure Web services for increased usage.

  6. Stooks

    Teams had a 71min outage at one data center because of a power issue at that data center. It was in the US and happened at 3:30 am central time. Basically no one probably knew.

    My company is on O365. We just finished moving from onprem Skype to Teams. People love Teams and mobile phone use has exploded with this event.

    I just found out yesterday that my voicemail shows up in the Teams mobile app. Our phone system (AVAYA) forwards voicemail to email and that shows up in the mobile Teams app.

    Google should buy Slack because they need yet another communication app :)

  7. helix2301

    When you really think about it 7000 a small number of people in the grand scale of how many people are working from home I would have expected this to be much higher

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