Microsoft Previews Its New Consumer-Focused Features for Teams

Posted on March 30, 2020 by Mehedi Hassan in Cloud, Microsoft 365, Microsoft Consumer Services with 20 Comments

Editor’s Note: an earlier version of this story referred to the new Teams features as a separate app. However, this is incorrect and Microsoft will be adding the new consumer-focused features to an existing app. The story has been updated to reflect Microsoft’s actual plans, and we apologise for the confusion.

Microsoft today introduced the world to its new consumer-focused subscription of Microsoft 365. And along with the new subscription, Microsoft is introducing new consumer-focused features for the Teams app.

The app will soon include new features and experiences that are built for consumers for day-to-day use. It’s coming as a preview sometime this Summer, with a public launch expected later this Fall.

“Teams isn’t just for work. You can now stay connected across your life in the Teams mobile app,” says the company. The new features are focused on helping families stay organised, and lets you track live locations of where your family members are (with options to opt-out), and more.

Microsoft will continue to keep Teams as a single app — so if you already have an account for work purposes, you will simply be able to switch between your personal and work accounts from the updated app.

You can also share information like passwords, reward numbers, and login information right from the app with your family and friends.

Those interested in the updated Teams app can register their interest here, as Microsoft plans on starting a preview program soon.

The new features for the Teams obviously compete directly with Microsoft’s own Skype app, but Microsoft essentially didn’t mention anything about what’s going to happen with Skype. The company did, however, announce some impressive new usage numbers for Skype.

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Comments (20)

20 responses to “Microsoft Previews Its New Consumer-Focused Features for Teams”

  1. darkgrayknight

    The register their interest here link just points back to the article on Microsoft 365.

  2. joegasper

    Kaizala integrations showing up.

  3. IanYates82

    Country selection on the sign up page is rather restrictive... Australia not mentioned ?

    At least I could pick "other"

    We used to use the family room on the old windows phone a lot.

    Now we use Skype to keep in touch as a family. This will be very useful - easier shared calendar, files, and passwords. A win for those already in the ecosystem, but unless there's a free tier I don't think they'll grow that much

  4. behindmyscreen

    This came about 20 years too late for me....all my kids are grown and life is way less complicated.

  5. straker135

    Given how big a let down Skype has been since Microsoft acquired it, I wouldn't be surprised if they had plans to deprecate Skype and fold the core technologies into a more forward looking product such as within Teams. I cannot describe the disinterest or even disgust I see people display at any mention of Skype as a video meeting tool.

    I have sometimes wondered how bad the management structure of the Skype team has been to allow it to so wither on the vine since its acquisition. Did the Skype Team consciously or unconsciously sabotage their own efforts, because Microsoft, or was it the lack of need for an independent drive to succeed once absorbed into the MS Mothership?

  6. cmross

    Having just used Zoom this past weekend for an extended family checkin, I'm very curious whether video conferencing will be allowed. Skype Video is a non-starter. I can't see anywhere that they're explicit about that feature being available.

  7. yoshi

    Getting other people to use it will remain my main problem. My entire group of friends and my family are all iOS. I'd have better luck getting them to pull all their own teeth out versus leaving iMessage.

  8. everno

    Will this new Teams replace what we are currently using? Or will it run along side the current APP? I am using this on a Tennant for Education currently.

  9. Philotech Mueller

    To me, it looks like they are planning to build Teams as a communication hub for your personal life just like Outlook has been for your work life for the last two decades or so. Everything revolves around Teams, communication, planning, organization, just everything.

    Obviously, it would need WhatsApp and Snapchat federation to become successful in it... ;-)