Newton Mail Announces Plans for the Future

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The new owners of Newton Mail plan to build a stable business while adding new features and improving security and privacy. And since they know customers are nervous about the product’s two previous failures, they’ve even put a contingency plan in place to ensure that Newton Mail has a future no matter what happens.

“We want to turn everything down a notch for Newton and focus on running a successful bootstrapped business that is profitable,” Cloud Magic co-owner Maitrik Kataria writes. “Go back to the basics and focus on customers’ happiness.”

To make this work, Cloud Magic, Newton Mail’s recently-acquired parent company, needs to maintain the solution’s current pricing model, Kataria says. Newton Mail costs $50 per year, which many found to be excessive when it was first announced. But since then, more expensive paid email apps like Spark, Boomerang, and Polymail show that this model can work.

Cloud Magic has two owners, Kataria and Justin Mitchell, and they plan to build customer support into the app, answer a key complaint about the previous owners. In the meantime, both are reachable via email—at [email protected] and [email protected], respectively—and they want customers to reach out to them directly with feature requests and problems.

Cloud Magic says it will dive into Newton Mail’s million lines of code and iron out bugs. But looking ahead, it says it will begin delivering new features—starting with key requests like Dark Mode support—within three to six months.  It also plans to shore up the app’s privacy and security functionality by moving towards GDPR compliance and integrated PGP-based encryption. Users who delete their accounts will be able to take ownership of their data faster than before, as well.

As for the long-term future, Newton Mail says that should the product fail for a third time, its owners will open-source it and find a way to support the product indefinitely via self-hosted servers. “This is the worst-case scenario,” they note. “If all else fails and something happens to us or our business we’d still want Newton to live on and community to take over.”

To entice customers to stick with Newton Mail, Cloud Magic has some special offers. Current subscribers will get 3 more months of their Newton subscription for free. Those who canceled their subscriptions and want to come back will get a 20 percent discount (contact [email protected]). And those who refer a friend who subscribes to Newton will get 3 more months of Newton. (Plus, those referred will get a 20 percent discount.)

You can learn more about Newton Mail from the Newton Mail website.

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