Adobe Further Integrates Creative Cloud with Google Workspace

Posted on May 4, 2021 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, Google, Music + Videos with 5 Comments

Adobe announced today that it will be deepening the integration between its Creative Cloud and Google Workspace.

“For more than a decade, Google has been building products to help people transform the way they work,” Adobe’s Minson Chen says. “And last fall, [it] launched Google Workspace, including all the productivity apps you know and love, reimagined in a newly integrated user experience that help teams stay connected and productive. If you and your colleagues are among the 2.6 billion people using Google Workspace, you know what a productivity booster it can be with Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, Meet, and more all in one place.”

Previously, Adobe integrated Creative Cloud with Gmail, helping customers more easily access creative assets and collaborate with their teams using Google’s email service. Now, Adobe says that it will deepen the integration between Creative Cloud and Google Workspace by making Creative Cloud Libraries accessible via Google Docs and Slides.

This requires a new Google Workspace Add-On called the Creative Cloud Add-on for Google Workspace that lets customers access and use elements like brand colors, character styles, and graphics from Google Docs and Slides. That way, team members can share ideas, get feedback, and collaborate on work, Adobe says.

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Comments (5)

5 responses to “Adobe Further Integrates Creative Cloud with Google Workspace”

  1. bart

    What are the odds Google is will be going after Adobe? Surprised no big tech company has made a move yet. Or is Adobe too big to acquire?

    • lvthunder

      Adobe is too big to acquire.

    • whistlerpro

      There's always a bigger fish. But I'd say it's unlikely.

    • samp

      Google is $320 billion, Abode $246.5 billion. So I don't think google is going after it. Also, they aren't based in the same sector as Google - Google is mainly customer facing; while Abode, while also making customer products, is aimed at professional users (I happened to notice Sky News uses them for live updates, that is not where Google is hoping to expand).

  2. melinau

    I have to say I'm a bit surprised Adobe is cosying-up to Google in this way. I guess there's some behind-the-scenes jiggery-pokery afoot, but I doubt it's a Google buy-out.

    Given its professional focus & very expensive products, Adobe should be highly profitable. It is a very specialised minnow in a tank full of large, omnivorous Sharks. Tying it to a specific "Team" like Google, Microsoft or (perhaps most rationally, Apple) through acquisition doesn't seem like a way to grow the business. However, people (& in this case mega-corps) don't necessarily act rationally - ask any competent Economist.

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