Google Lets G Suite Legacy Customers Keep Their Free Account

Posted on May 17, 2022 by Laurent Giret in Cloud, Google with 8 Comments

Google will allow G Suite legacy free edition customers to keep using the service after all. Earlier this year, the company announced that G Suite legacy customers would soon need to switch to a paid Google Workspace subscription to keep using Gmail on other Google apps with a custom domain. However, it’s now possible to opt out.

To keep using G legacy free edition for personal use, customers will need to opt out of the transition to Google Workspace in the Google Admin Console. Otherwise, all accounts will be automatically upgraded to Google Workspace after June 27, 2022, and that transition will be at no cost until August 1, 2022.

“If you don’t take any action, your account will be suspended starting on August 1, 2022. To reactivate your account, you will either need to upgrade to Google Workspace or opt out of the transition for non-commercial use,” Google explained in a support page in a support page.

Google emphasized that customers who want to keep using G Suite legacy free edition can only do so for personal non-commercial use. For individuals and families who already made the transition from G Suite legacy free edition to a paid Google Workspace plan after January 19, 2022, it’s also still possible to backtrack by contacting Google Support.

While it’s good news that G Suite legacy free edition isn’t going away, the service may eventually lose some features. “G Suite legacy free edition does not include support, and in the future we may remove certain business functionality,” Google explained.

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Comments (8)

8 responses to “Google Lets G Suite Legacy Customers Keep Their Free Account”

  1. dspeterson

    This is baffling and also somehow the most Google outcome possible.

    Almost everyone I know who was using this moved completely away from Google to other services so between codifying the “no commercial usage” requirement and thinning the herd quite a bit this probably did ultimately help Google out.

  2. lightbody

    This is a huge relief to me.

    Forcing non-business users into business accounts made no sense.

  3. randy.aufrecht

    I am glad I decided to wait until the last minute. Just in case Google does what they always do.

  4. lhavenst

    Too late for me as I have already canceled my legacy account. After the we are killing it no we aren't path they have gone how can you trust them with anything important down the road? My clincher was they way they handle billing I couldn't detach the credit card info from them that they had to have for it to exist or I would have rode it out. Unlike Microsoft, Google doesn't trust Paypal to use it which would have solved the issue. They have to have a credit card.

  5. michael_charlton

    Lovely. Going to have to speak to Support tomorrow when I’ve unfurrowed my very cross brow, having already moved to paid version.

  6. michael_charlton

    Contacted Support from the GSuite Admin console and got it sorted in a couple of minutes. They're contacting those in this situation directly, but should be back to what it was before on the legacy Free edition.

  7. ozibits

    I Upgrade to Google Workspace for early access of 3 a month. is there any way to go back to having a personal use only? i don't see any options in opt out. Am i out of luck?