Gmail’s Redesign Starts Rolling Out to All Users

Google has started rolling out the Gmail redesign it’s been testing for a couple of months to all users. This integrated Gmail brings together Gmail, Chat, Spaces, and Meet all in one place.

According to Google, this redesign is a reaction to the new hybrid work era where communication now happens across different channels throughout the day. “During the pandemic, we’ve seen a further evolution as tens of millions of people around the world started to move between email, messaging, group chat and video calls as a part of managing their daily lives,” the company explained.

If you’ve turned on the Chat feature in Gmail, you should be first in line to get this new integrated Gmail experience. There are now shortcuts for Mail, Chat, SPaces, and Meet on the left side of the window, though you can customize which apps you want to see there using Quick Settings.

In addition to the new UI, Google is also improving search results in Gmail and adding new inbox filters at the top of the window. These search chips will allow users to find emails with a specific attachment time, or sent in a specific time frame. It’s also possible to filter out certain results such as calendar invites.

“Later this year, we’re delivering an improved experience for tablet users, better emojis, new accessibility features and a whole lot more,” Google said yesterday. For Gmail users who don’t like this new integrated view, it will still be possible to go back to the previous layout by using the new visual configuration option in Settings.

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