Google Fi Adds More International Features

Posted on September 8, 2022 by Paul Thurrott in Android, Cloud, Google, iOS, Mobile with 4 Comments

Google Fi is getting even better for those who travel internationally, especially if you’re using an iPhone, as I am for now.

“When you land in another country after a long flight and turn on your phone, you expect it to just work,” Google’s Alex Zheng writes. “Booking a cab, contacting your hotel, or letting your loved ones know you arrived safely should be painless. With Google Fi, we make it easy to manage those moments when you’re traveling internationally. And today, we’re announcing several improvements to Fi coverage to help you stay connected on more types of phones and in more places.”

These improvements include:

More international 5G coverage (Pixel, Galaxy S22 only). Google is tripling Fi’s international 5G coverage to a total of 39 countries by adding 26 more countries to the list. And now this feature isn’t Pixel-exclusive: if you’re on a Flexible or Unlimited Plus plan, you can also access international 5G from a Samsung Galaxy S22 series smartphone too. All other Fi users, including those on iPhone, still have access to full-speed 4G in over 200 countries.

International hotspot on iPhone. To date, only Fi users on Android have been able to use their handsets as a hotspot while traveling internationally, but now this capability is available to iPhone users as well.

Wi-Fi calling on iPhone. This is the one Fi feature I’ve really missed while using the iPhone and it’s available now, finally, both at home and abroad. “On both Android and iPhone, if both Wi-Fi and cellular networks are available, Fi will route your call over whichever one gives you the best connection,” Zheng notes. “If you’re traveling abroad, Wi-Fi calling can even help reduce calling costs, depending on the country you’re in.” Finally.

Google isn’t changing Google Fi pricing because of these changes. You can check out the various plans here.

(If you are using Fi on an iPhone, you will need to enable Wi-Fi Calling in Settings: Cellular > Wi-Fi Calling.)

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