Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program Launches Today

Microsoft is ready to expand testing for its Microsoft 365 Copilot, its new set of generative AI tools for Microsoft 365. The company is launching today the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program, which will allow 600 organizations worldwide to test the new AI capabilities in Office, Teams, Viva, Loop, and more.

Over the past two months, Microsoft has been testing its new copilot for work with 20 enterprise customers including Goodyear and General Motors. “Their overwhelming feedback is that Copilot has the potential to transform work. They point to how it is a game changer for meetings and can jump start creativity,” said Colette Stallbaumer, General Manager Microsoft 365 & Future of Work.

The new paid early access program starting today will allow more organizations to share feedback on the new generative AI capabilities in Microsoft 365. For all organizations that won’t get an invite for the early access program, Microsoft is also launching the Semantic Indew Copilot, which will provide organizations with a Microsoft 365 E3 and E5 plan a detailed map of their user and company data.

Meanwhile, Microsoft is continuing to add new capabilities to its Microsoft 365 Copilot. Here are the main new features that are launching today

Dall-E integration in PowerPoint: PowerPoint users can now use OpenAI’s image generator within the app.

Rewrite PowerPoint slides: Copilot can now turn bullet points on a slide into a paragraph or vice versa.

Suggestions in Outlook: When drafting an email in Outlook, Copilot can now help users write more effectively in the appropriate tone.

Summarize Loop pages: Copilot in Microsoft Loop can now summarize all content on a loop page and make Copilot summaries sharable as a Loop component.

Microsoft has yet to announce when its Microsoft 365 Copilot will become generally available, but the company wants to ensure first that its new copilot for work works well and that customers can trust it. “We make it clear how the system makes decisions by noting limitations, linking to sources, and prompting users to review, fact-check and adjust content based on subject-matter expertise,” Stallbaumer emphasized.

The announcement of the Microsoft 365 Copilot Early Access Program comes just a day before Google kicks off its I/O 2023 conference. Google is also expected to announce AI updates during the event, and we may hear about Bard updates and a new large language model called PaLM 2 tomorrow.

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