Get One Year of Unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive Storage for Just $5

Posted on November 28, 2015 by Paul Thurrott in Cloud, OneDrive with 0 Comments

Get One Year of Unlimited Amazon Cloud Drive Storage for Just $5

Amazon’s Cloud Drive was already a killer deal at just $60 a year, but thanks to a Black Friday deal, you can use the service for just $5 for the first year. How can one resist?

Note: This deal is temporary and will likely disappear soon. It may not be available outside of the U.S. or a small list of countries. –Paul

Granted, I remain a bit suspicious of Amazon: As I noted in Considering Your Cloud Storage Options, I consider Amazon to be untrustworthy, and it’s unclear whether even the normal $60/year pricing will remain in place if Cloud Drive is ever popular. The lack of a Windows phone client is also a minus for some.

But seriously. $5!

Even at its normal $60 per year pricing, Cloud Drive is hard to ignore. In fact, as I noted previously, Cloud Drive could be a logical replacement for OneDrive for people who really do need more than 1 TB of storage, if only for archival purposes. So it’s worth trying.

To be clear, the $5 offer is only available to new customers. Looking at the page while signed in, I’m told I already have unlimited online storage via Cloud Drive, but I can’t recall how/why I have this storage. (It’s not because of Amazon Prime: That subscription includes unlimited storage in Amazon Cloud Drive, but only for photos.) Anyway, I do already have it.

If you don’t, it’s $5. Definitely worth the price even if it doesn’t work out. Key benefits include:

Unlimited storage from a major cloud vendor. Unlike Microsoft OneDrive, Apple iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, and other top cloud players, Amazon actually offers unlimited storage and does so at pricing mere mortals can afford.

Amazon does get the cloud. I may not trust Amazon per se, but let’s face it, the firm’s enterprise-class cloud services are market leaders, beating on Microsoft, Google, and others.

OS support. You can’t use Cloud Drive with Windows Phone, but you can use it with Windows desktop, Android, and iOS. And on mobile platforms, it supports auto cloud backup of photos taken with the camera.

Again. It’s $5.


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