Thurrott Daily: October 12, 2015

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Thurrott Daily: October 12, 2015

Cat v. squirrel: The eternal struggle continues.

Here’s what’s happening today.

10/12/2015 11:00:02 AM

Columbus Day

It’s Columbus Day here in the United States, which is a day off from school and, in my mind, from work. So I’ll be taking it slow on the site, partially because….

Book update

I should have a book update, followed by an actual release of Windows 10 Field Guide, available soon. The book is just under 400 pages now in PDF format (though I can shrink it down by manually adjusting the images, and that figure includes the table of contents), and it’s still several chapters short of being complete. But it’s really getting there. I’ll explain why this is taking so long later—short version, the conversion to both Leanpub and Markdownpad has been difficult and time consuming—but we have some great extras to sell with the book. More on that soon. Really.

About Dell’s purchase of EMC

I wrote about Dell’s blockbuster $67 billion acquisition of EMC this morning over on, but it’s pretty clear to me that this is about VMware, not EMC. Which may explain why Microsoft wasn’t providing financial assistance, as it did when Dell went private a few years back.

Xbox One Wireless Adapter for Windows arrives on October 20

Microsoft’s Xbox Wireless Adapter for Windows—a USB dongle that lets you use the Xbox One wireless controller wirelessly with your Windows 10 PC, arrives October 20.You can preorder it from or Microsoft Store now. I did preorder one, and from Amazon, as they tend to ship on time. (And Microsoft Store is out of stock.)


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