Microsoft Teams Is Down and Users Aren’t Happy

Posted on February 18, 2019 by Mehedi Hassan in Microsoft 365 with 26 Comments

Update #2: Microsoft has confirmed to that the issue has been resolved, stating: “We can confirm that we have fully resolved connectivity issues that some users may have experienced.”

Update: Microsoft Teams is slowly coming back online as of 10:30AM PT after hours of downtime:

Original story follows.

Microsoft Teams is facing some issues this morning. Users are having trouble logging into the service since this morning, preventing them from completely using the service.

It is not clear how widespread the outage is, or if it’s affecting all Microsoft Teams apps, but users of the service aren’t happy. Microsoft first acknowledged the issue at 6:33AM PT on Twitter, though it seems like the outage started even before that. “We’re investigating an issue in which users may be unable to access Microsoft Teams. More details can be found in the admin center under TM173756,” Microsoft said in the tweet.

Microsoft has been unable to report the downtime properly here — in fact, the official Microsoft 365 status page continues to state that there are no problems on the service as of right now, which is simply inaccurate.

Users obviously aren’t happy with the way Microsoft is dealing with the downtime. “I love using @MicrosoftTeams & look forward to continue using it. As the end user, this took a long time to tweet. I’ve spent time this AM figuring out if it was an issue with our organization or with 365, which could have been avoided with a quicker, public response,” a Twitter user complained. Others are voicing the same concerns, with some claiming that the service works fine through the iOS app.

And as you may have guessed, there are some Slack-related memes, as Slack is pretty well known for its regular outages.

Either way, Microsoft Teams is still down as of right now, and we’ll update this article when the service is back online.

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